June 17th, 2009

your loved one and lolita?

Hello girls of egl!

For some reason I was sitting around in deep thought about lolita, and I started thinking about couples. I've been dating my current boyfriend for about 3 months and this came to mind. My boyfriend doesn't quite get lolita, but I understand that, but he knows it's there. A friend of mine and I look at dresses on AP and BtSSB all the time and he's like: o_O? lol So I thought, what is it like for other girls? What does your husband/boyfriend/loved one think of you and your poofy obsession?


[Edit 1]: Thank you girls, and boys!, so much for writing back! I had NO idea how much feedback I was going to get. lol I'm sorry that I haven't wrote back to all of you, but when I posted this morning I received 5 messages back, and when I got home from inservice at my pool I had 96 unread messages from this post! @_@ lol But I can let you know that I did read all of your comments! Such cute stories! Thank you again!
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usagi bye bitch

Am I being too materialistic?

This question is probably inflammatory, but I can't help but ask myself as I get deeper into the lolita fashion: Am I being too materialistic?

Hands down, I love fashion, and that's pretty much a requirement for becoming involved in lolita -- it takes a lot of time and dedication to pull off the look and follow its evolution.

I also justify my spending money on such things by telling myself it's a quality investment. The items are made well, and god knows they have great resale value.

Not only that, but it does make me feel wonderful to wear it, raises my self-esteem, gives me happiness...

But... does anyone ever feel disturbed at just how much they spend in both time and money on clothes?

I'm always cycling through these questions when I read the news and observe what's going on around the world. When I see what's happening (Darfur genocide, starvation in North Korea, Iran election riots, it could go on forever...), it makes me feel like such a useless person who drowns myself in frivolity.

Anyone else ever feel like this? How do you cope with it? How do you justify your hobby?
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A bit of help for people who want Hime Hair!

While surfing around youtube for hair tutorials I came upon this video for " Bumpits". Bumpits (available at Sally’s Beauty Supply here in the USA I think…) are a sort of hair clip that allows you to get the classic "hair pouf " with out teasing so much. Its a bit corny to watch but would certainly help out Lolitas who are nervous about diving into the teasing depths of Hime hair or even veterans of the comb. I am sure that this would be great for when you need your hair to keep on keepin' on during a long event or day out. I myself am interested because having thick hair down to my hips does not exactly equal a load of fun when it comes to dismantling Hime hair.

Hope this helps!

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Early Lolita

Hello, all :oD

I'm curious to learn more about early lolita, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s. Can anyone point me to any relevant online or offline resources, in Japanese, English or otherwise?

Thank you in advance.

PS Surely as you all know, there is precious little about lolita on the Internet as it is, so to be clear, I'm not looking for obvious suggestions like "wiki it" or "google it"...I've already done that.
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Is there one place to look for upcoming Lucky Pack (LP) sales?

I checked the tag list for egl and there is a tag called: lucky pack sale info  .
But when you click on it, there are only three (3) posts found.

Edit: I tried to tag my post with lucky pack sale info and got error that I'm not allowed to add tags. 
The tag doesn't seem to be used much, so I not sure how to keep up with LP info besides randomly stumbling on it among all the other topics.

Is there a separate community just for Luck Pack posting, that I'm just not seeing link to?
Apologies if it is there already, but I just don't seem to be able to find it in this list 

It would be great to have all the LP announcements, how to order posts, etc all in one place.
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Japanese Fashion meet-up

Someone in my city announced a "Japanese Fashion" meet-up.... and then.. nobody came! XD the organisators were missing too... I was quite disappointed.
another funny fact: we were five people in the end- four of them wore lolita :)
AND a random girl on the street saw us and said "Hey look! gothic lolitas!" XD

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day in bed

MySims...lolita??? seriously. it was just a dream.

so i had this dream that my mom had a wand like in MySims Kingdom (which i have been playing practically non-stop for the last week XD) except that instead of being able to create/change anything however she wanted, it could only change things into lolita! she gave me a black sugary carnival jsk and black tea parties (IF ONLY ;_;), and then ran around town turning everything into cake and lace and changing peoples clothes into various lolita garments of her choosing. O_o; there were head-eating alice bows EVERYWHERE.
i'm pretty sure i woke up laughing, it was the funniest dream i've had in a looonng time.

when i told my mom she lol'd and told me the only lolita thing she'd ever get me was a cupcake XD (she's supportive of lolita but has said for years i'm too old for her to be buying me clothes anymore! it's so truuuue /sadface)

have your parents ever been in your lolita dreams? loli-dreamtime sharing action go!

Tennessee Loli?

ok So I had made a post earlier and some one had said something of a Tennessee loli community on LG so i was wondering if anyone had the link to this.... sorry! i looked and cpould not find it for some reason. If You would be so kind good sir! thank you


Is there going to be a Lolita booth there????
I am wondering since I most probably will be going and I should bring extra money for Lolita >=D

Thanks in advance!

Picture request


Does anyone have stock photo's from the Angelic Pretty "millefleurs" series?

I searched egl and the flickr lolita stock photo's group but i only found 1 picture.

I hope some of you can help me out ^^


(sorry for my bad english and another picture request)

Thank you!