June 15th, 2009


Of Lolitas/Aristocrats and Himes

aserett and I had a studio photoshoot last Saturday! Very fun it was XD And also nice being dressed up and photo-taking in an air-con environment since our local temperatures here have been hovering between 34-35 degrees celsius with high humidity *dies quietly*

Trying to find workable poses for the photographers was a little hard and stressful for both of us since we're not very good in front of the camera! But we had some beautiful himes in BtssB to cheer us up and made some cracktastic photos as well ;D

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SPN // I can haz dean time nao plz?

Sydney Lolita Meet 13/06/09 - Epic Photo Post!

On a rather average Saturday morning in June, 11 lolitas woke up before the sun even came up to trod their way into Sydney CBD. Rather cold and hungry (in my case) we waited pleasantly enough, wrapped up in coats, at Town Hall steps for all our new friends to arrive - only to be bombarded with idiotic scene kids asking us to "touch his pocket."
Having thoroughly ignored said requests, at 10am we made our way into the QVB to have delicious traditional afternoon tea (...in the morning?). Having managed to squeeze 7 of us into an old rusty elevator, we managed to arrive safely and enjoyed the company of others and of course, the food and the place! We even thoroughly enjoyed the hotel like corridor that led us to the bathroom. Once again we tested the elevator limits by cramming as many people as we could into it, where upon we made our way to Hyde Park to take some more photos.
The afternoon continued with photos of various natures, even trying to cram 11 or so lolitas into a tiny puri kura booth.

In all, it was a fantastic day where I made a lot of new friends and had so much fun, the only downside was some wench who threw soda (lemonade) over her shoulder and all over the back of my dress -sadface-. But apart from that, all the girls looked amazing (I've ended the day with some serious petticoat envy) and I really hope we can have another day just like it very soon! ♥

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Lolita and Disneyland: Advice from the Mouse

We've all seen the posts about how frilly can we be before we get stopped by park security for being in "costume." This past weekend my friend and I were rudely stopped at monorail even after being in the park previously that morning. (We left to have dinner in Downtown Disney.) I am used to being stopped, giving a quick glance over, and ok-ed.It's fine. These women were extremely rude so we filed a complaint with City Hall.

They actually gave us some great advice on making lolita stand out as not a costume. But this is where egl comes in. One or two complaints easily gets lost and forgotten in the masses. If people go to their CONTACT US page and explain what lolita is, with links and pics. The cast members said it will show that there is a decent following for this trend. The example they gave us was when baggy pants were big, they had to pass a pic around to the staff saying this is a style of clothing.

This will also work for Disney World, if you go through that site as well.

tokyo rebel logo

New AP retailer - want your thoughts.

Some of you may remember us (Tokyo Rebel) from when we were "found" by another EGL member a while back. Well, since then we've been planning our NYC physical store and meeting with some brands in Japan. The one you guys probably care most about is Angelic Pretty, who have accepted us as their newest US authorized retailer for both online and offline sales. (We're also authorized retailers for SEX POT ReVeNGe and Algonquins, if any of you are weekend punks and weekday lolitas, or vice versa.) We're eventually going to stock all genres of Japanese street fashion, but AP will be our main Lolita brand and we're excited to have them on board!

Now, if you click our link above, you won't see much AP there yet. That's because we're getting ready to place our first wholesale order. It will be a small order just to get our foot in the door, and it's sort of "in between" collection seasons where we've basically just gotta pick from stuff they've already produced, so we thought we'd open it up to you guys to see what you all might want to see at our store and web site.

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Question About Brand Labels

Questions Have Been Answered! Thanks Everyone~
Feel free to read if you are curious about brands too!

Hi there! I'm new here. Not a true lolita, but I am learning. Kind of lurking around. Especially at the egl sales community!

So pardon me, but I have a few questions. For those of you who are very familiar to brand names, namely Angelic Pretty: Do all Angelic Pretty bows have labels attached that says the brand name? I recently bought AP hair ties but they don't have labels on them. I didn't notice it embroidered on anywhere either. Which leads me to another question, how would you tell the difference between authentic and fakes? Hopefully someone who has more experience can take the time to tell me.

PS: I tried searching for this on the egl search engine first but came up with nothing. So apologies if these questions have been asked before.

PPS: Here are two pictures of the bow! Front, Back.
Thank you so much for the help everyone!!
Marby drawn Kyra

Spare bed available for the Paris Expo!

For anyone thinking of coming to the Paris Expo (http://community.livejournal.com/egl/13294477.html) we have a spare bed going at Le Chapelle, North Paris, a minute from the the gard du nord, 15 minutes from the expo and 20 from charles du gualle airport (so great location)

Price is a mere £82 (€96) for four nights stay (Thursday-Sunday nights) sharing with the wonderful lucynyu, blu_cherri, lindykins, myself and Lucy's sister. We have 2 rooms between the 5 of us.

If anyone is interested in joining and fancies sharing with some lovely London area lolitas (and making it a bit cheaper for us!) Please step forward!

Kai Monster


The Daily Frill is now OPEN for submissions. *Last call for opening submissions to go into the blog on opening day*

However we have a few rules and regulations...
1. Spell check please, no net speak / aim speak
3. All photos you submit MUST belong to YOU.
4. Anything you submit cannot be posted anywhere else, not to daily lolita, not to egl, not to your lj, or your own blog. This goes for text as well as photos. It can't have been submitted to any other related online publication, because of copyrights and conflict of interest. AFTER your submission is published to the blog you are free to show it anywhere you want.
5. NO personal attacks. Everything submitted is read by the staff of 9 girls, we will notice if you try to slip a personal attack in.
6. Only submit articles related to the content of the blog - use common sense, if its something unrelated, we don't care about it, and therefore will not publish it.
7. In the event your submission is denied, you will be notified with a reason and we will destroy our copy of it and you are free to publish it elsewhere.
8. For the Ask a Lolita section; you are free to submit Questions only. The entire staff will be choosing someone to be the 'lolita'. She will not be publicly disclosed and will remain anon for as long as she takes the role. If she comes out to the public as the 'lolita', She will be replaced.
9. Plagiarism = bad, if something is submitted that has evidence of being plagiarized , you will be perma-banned from making submissions.
10. if you submit something that you got permission to use, you have to submit written permission from the original owner.
11. If you are submitting a video, it must be uploaded to youtube first. do not disable embedding.

EVERYTHING must be submitted BY THE 25th of THIS MONTH, in order to be considered for the 'opening edition'.

What we are currently looking for.

1. Submissions for Lolita FML see : http://www.fmylife.com/ *will be anon*
2. Questions for 'Ask a Lolita'
3. Crafting/sewing DIY
4. Short one-shot comics
5. Art
6. Reviews / please be as detailed as possible.
7. Event reports
8. Just about anything on " http://community.livejournal.com/egl/13477063.html

If what you write is currently being covered by another person you will be informed, In the Byline please put your LJ name as well as your real name. NO fake names please. If you are uncomfortable with your full real name, just put your first name.

Please send all submissions to : submissions@thedailyfrill.com

Please when emailing us submissions, have photos unedited in large size, do not embedd photos into a .doc file keep them as jpg or gifs.


We are also taking submissions for ADSPACE.

First month free; after that, for premium homepage ads $20/three months, and subpages $10/three months.

Ads will be 250px x 250px

All money generated from adspace will go 100% towards the site, the site is hosted on the same server as the database, so we need the money to pay for the blog, the space and everything that goes with it. We will be checking your feedback on the database, before we publish your ad.

Please send all ad submissions to : adspace@thedailyfrill.com

Edit: As we have noticed many people have attempted to join thedailyfrill, please understand that the comm exists for admins and mods of the blog ONLY, as to be an easier method for us staff to communicate to each other about the blog and what we need to do. the egl mods have their own comm, and we have ours. Please understand this.
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Innocent World lucky packs

So the information was put out a few days ago (literally, last Friday) and the confirmation email has arrived! :D did everyone get their invoices yet?

Also, it seems like for the instore version will be sold in July (?) but the email I got said that IW will be shipping mine out a week from payment...anyone can verify?

Anyway, I hope everyone got the order they wanted~ hopefully we won't get any of those demonic kitties/satanic rabbits ^^;; What are you hoping for, if anything?
Shiro Loli

Wonderland Rabbit Plush Purse

I found this while looking for Halloween costumes (Yeah, I look for Halloween costumes in June. So sue me):


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I don't know what kind of quality it is, seeing as I found it on a Halloween site, but whatever the quality, it's damn cute, and I thought the Alice in Wonderland fans here might like it. Too bad it's not available yet... COMING HALLOWEEN 2009!!!

EDIT: This is actually a Halloween company knockoff of a purse from Beth (Victorian Maiden)!