June 14th, 2009

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Hello girls :)

So, I'm completely new to this lolita business, and I had a question for you all:

How do you decide what type of lolita (Sweet, Gothic, Hime etc...) to dress in? Do you base it on your personal preference? Body type? Favourite colours? Alien influence?

I'm interested in trying out the lolita side of fashion, but I have no idea where to begin, so this would be wonderfully helpful :)

Edit: I do believe I've got it now, community consensus tells me to wear what I like, which I should've though of in the first place, haha. I'll still take stories on how you picked though :)
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Brands Vs. Labels

I was having a sort of strange though lately. How do you feel about the brand's name appearing in the print or lace of a piece?

It reminds me strongly of American brands like Hollister or Abercrombie who paste their name and symbol all over their clothing. I used to like that idea several years ago in a "look at me, I can afford this stuff" sense, but now it just seems tacky to me. Surprisingly though, when it comes to Lolita brands I don't mind as much. It feels like an assurance to me that what I have is indeed the authentic work of Angelic Pretty or some other brand. AP does it a lot more often than other brands of course. Also, another difference is quality of course. It shows in price.

But it still reminds me of American brands. It's a bit tacky.
But then again, in Japan random English words are sometimes considered decoration. So, I believe it would be a different feeling there.

Does this make sense? What do you think?
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sby, famiko

Sugary Carnival: Upclose picture request

argh, I am making a cake and need a good-clarity picture of one of the horses with it's carosel pole.
If possible may the item background be either the blue or black version
(black stands out better; blue is the version I am making on the cake!)

Please help me, if you have something of sugary carnival, it would really be a benefit!
And of course, I promise to post pictures once it's been made!!!

xx Thank you in advance - sorry for the annoying request :'3
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Yet Another Funny Thought.

I've been running/managing a few episodes of internet radio when a thought crossed my mind.. What if there was a 'Radio Loli'? It could have the usual specs of a talkie plus a variety of music with some minor advertisements.( A pain yes, but needed) I've been playing making announcements for local meets, events, and treasure chests of antiques as well as giveaways, tips for the day, bi - weekly interviews via Skype and Cons, what's happening abroad and bargains for the budget weary or what have you. I already have a pet project going with ubroadcast.com just to help out my co-host with control difficulties. ( Converting files for iTunes can be a nightmare in itself) If there's already a station like this then please provide a link. Thanks!
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lolita art time!

hello lovelies~
i've been working on some lolita pictures
and i've finally finished ( > A < ;)
it's a set based on alice in wonderland
(i believe alice in wonderland is obligatory
for a lolita artist sometime in their lives ... XDD)
i won't spam the community too much so ...
the actual images & details on my journal~
(i wonder if three quite small images should be placed under a cut?)

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Dragon Age

Art Post

Just finished a picture I've been really excited about over the last day and I thought I'd share!

*edit* Editted the bg of the picture so the background isn't pure pink but rather pink/brown striped.
*edit2* Redid the Doily in the background... it's not as detailed, but it fits with the image sooo much better!

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Looking for Lolita in Osaka

I don't want to make this sound like a missed connections but I'm looking for the lovely lady who helped me find the brand stores in Osaka.
I came running at you from the bridge at Shinsaibashi in the late evening on Thursday because you had a BTSSB shopping bag in your hands. You provided me with the maps that saved my entire experience. You were with a group of your friends. I quickly darted away before I got a chance to thank you. You can't possibly understand how grateful I was to have your map and how lucky I was to find you. I never would've found the stores without your help.
I'd like to thank you with a small gift if possible, I don't even know if you are a member of this community.

Mods, if this is not allowed, please delete.
Wonder Woman - chibi

photo / info request

Greetings, I come bearing a fairly specific information and photo request. I'm looking for a pair of socks to match this dress in particular and I was wondering which brands have released crown print socks; or black and gold socks. (Or socks that would match this dress.) If possible could people post pictures of said items?
Thanks in advance!
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Moshi Moshi Gothic Lolita Fashion Show

Moshi Moshi Gothic Lolita Fashion Show

Moshi Moshi Gothic Lolita Fashion Show

A couple of weeks ago in Brighton, Moshi Moshi sushi bar put on a Japanese Street Festival. ichigo_shock was asked to put on a lolita fashion show, and I was more than happy to help!
Despite the fact we had only a few days notice; in the end we had a total of 16 models, as well as a couple of stylists and designers, and it all came together perectly in the end. (if a tad late on stage!)

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