June 13th, 2009

Edited !!

Edited please re read :D

Has anyone ever thought of doing a bloomer slumber party?

Like a Meet up only you come in your under garments.

Let me try to re word this better, you would come in like cute bloomer sets, not so see through slips,

socks, slippers and things you would wear under your normal lolita clothing.

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Picture from [info]duplica_chan 's DA
( I hope she doesn't mind >.>;; )

See how they are all in their under garments

You wouldn't be going out in public mind you.
It would be held at someones house or like maybe a hotel?

Also This comment helps explain better :3
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Alice in Wonderland House Decor

delete if OT

I'm sure this is one vague question, but a while back ago, I looked up Alice in Wonderland House DEcor, and some images of very modern looking Alice in Wonderland themed rooms,  I just spend about 2 hrs trying to look for the same images, and no luck, can any of you guys suggest any links?  The images I remember were very modern looking decor, with looks of mirror hanging on the wall.  It used NON TRADITIONAL AWL colors ( red, black, white), but adhered to the theme regardless and made a modern interpretation of it. thanks.
Antonio & Lovino

Meta Lucky Pack Question

Maybe is a old question but in the Meta Lucky Pack form appear "product number" but in the Lucky Pack page don't say anything about product number. The Lucky Packs have product number? Or I don't want to put anything here?

Thank you and sorry my english ^^U

Lolita Heroines and Heroes: The Modern Edition

I had a thought the other day about lolita and inspiration, as I know that I personally get inspiration from some rather unlikely places. Many girls can rattle off a list of historical influences, myself included, but I wondered what everyone took inspiration from that is relatively modern in nature? Let's try from around 1900's on, shall we, and leave the historical influences for another meme. So, what modern sources of inspiration do you draw inspiration from for dressing lolita?

Don't judge a book by it's cover. I think we all learned that after hearing about the incredible story of Susan Boyle. If you haven't watched her debut on Britain's Got Talent, do yourself a favor, click the link and watch her show the world that the outer package isn't the sum of its whole. I know I cried and cheered her on after first watching it, and many around the world drew inspiration from her incredible and very Cinderella like story. But, how would this relate to lolita? I think that's pretty simply put: outsiders tend to judge us by our clothing. We're much more! Susan Boyle is a great example of the need to look past what people look like or what they wear to see the person inside the outer shell. Just like Susan, we're more than just people who dress in frilly clothing.

VW armour ring replica. Where?

Sorry about my english!

A friend of mine is looking to buy an armour ring replica. We have tried to find a good store but most of them have that cheap replicas with a grainy texture for cosplaying purposes.

I have tried to find reviews or a link to a good shop, most of them need shopping services or aren't working right now.

Do you know a good place to buy them? I want to know if you have bought one, from what shop, and if you are happy with the product you recived.

Thank you so much!

buying a dress from...

hello egl!
i know you girls are not too fond of ebay...but i really love this dress! i actually saw the dress on unseelie_allure first! and while browsing ebay.com, i came across it and couldn't believe my eyes! but now i'm thinking, "is this store credible?" i've found other stores that sell the dress. one of them is by ling_lam too. her screen name there is ling_lam2008. she says she has this store (Little Chili Shop) and then the other shop that most of us use (Little Chili Lolita Shop). But the one's on ling_lam2008's shop look like the pictures taken from Alice Evil, the first shop i found. i'd like the egl girl's opinions first before i make a major decision. so i guess what i'm asking is:

do you think the dress is credible from this site? do you think the pictures are stolen? is this dress a replica of a brand dress?

i'd really like unseelie_allure's opinion too. so if you're out there, please write me!
(and just so you know girls, i have already asked unseelie_allure, but i'm waiting for a reply. ^-^ i just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask other people too! <3)

here's the link to Alice Evil's shop:

and here's the one by ling_lam2008:

i know it's short but...i'd really love to get this dress!

thank you for your help in advance!
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