June 12th, 2009

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To those who host/attend meetups in public places,

To those who host/attend meetups in public places (like restaurants for example):

When making a reservation, do you ever... WARN them?

Have you ever gotten an "OMGWTF?" reaction from restaurant staff when you all showed up? Have you ever been refused entry, or nearly so? Or are you regularly greeted with polite smiles? (I think having no reaction at all would be the weirder response.)

No real reason for asking other than curiosity. :D

Edit: I realized that maybe I should clarify: I think we all know it's expected to get all kinds of weird stares while out in lolita, but I wanted to focus this post more toward the question of how staff react to a WHOLE BUNCH of frilly girls showing up at once, and whether anyone has been refused entry to a place because of it (or something similar). Amusing anecdotes welcome!
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F+F Thrift Store Find

So, believe it or not, I found a FanPlusFriend dress at my local Buffalo Exchange. My awesome boyfriend spotted it for me and within seconds of finding out it fit perfectly, I bought it. I have no idea how or why it was there, I can only assume because it is quite long and perhaps they weren't expecting that. But, the original tags were on it and everything, it truly is brand new. According to the website, the dress costs $130, not including shipping and handling I'm assuming. I paid $30. Conveniently enough, I was going out dancing that night, so I waltzed around the room in my new dress and it is absolutely perfect!

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I know that F+F isn't always appreciated in the community for various reasons, but I am really thrilled about the dress. It's quite well made, and I'm actually thankful that it isn't lined as the dress is heavy enough as is with the corduroy. The skirt is a double full circle skirt, so the swish is incredible and makes me quite thankful that it is so long. It originally had the removable bow on the front of the dress, and I thought it looked wonky, so I threaded a hair tie through it and used it to hold my braid instead. I'm also really pleased that their lace is so thick and very well made! The brooch, necklace, and rabbit stole are all mine, obviously.


Question about Yahoo Japan!

I registered for a yahoo!japan account on the english beta version on the site. It allows me to bid on items, has anyone done this before? I'm a little scared since the item I want to buy is over 300$. I looked through the posts but couldn't find anything about this.

Or does anyone know an easy to use service that can purchase this for me? (I'm not interested in the auction, I just want to pay the Buy it Now price!)


MODS: Feel free to remove if this is not allowed, thanks

baltimore harbor meetup

hi every one ^-^

My friends and I where planning to have a day and go to Baltimore harbor in our lolita.
I was wondering if anyone from here would be interested in joining us ^-^
it would be on a day between august 16-23,( since nothing is official yet ) if anyone would be
interested you can email me at flyintaterofdoom@aol.com and we can all plan together of what meet up place, what we would like to do,
dates, times and what not so everything is convenient for everyone who would like to attend ^-^
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Commission Advice - Blouses

Hello! I have a question for both the community and seamstresses.

I know which folks to look to for custom dresses and skirts, but are there particular seamstresses/brands who are especially praised for customer designed blouses/tops?

I have a very specific shirt/blouse designed but most of the custom seamstress work I've seen has been for cutsews, or just dresses & skirts.

Thank you!
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EGL Website Design Contest?

In light of the recent art contest for the EGL art community, what does everyone think of a website design contest for the main EGL comm? I am not sure if the mods already have something in the works but it would be great to see a fresh new look and feel (and color scheme). It would also be great if the participant can also code / chop up the design / layout.

So here are a couple of questions for everyone:
1) Website Design contest, yay or nay?
2) If there was a contest, would you participate? I want to gauge interest since there is a difference between thinking it's a good idea versus actual participation.
3) If you were to participate, would you design + code or just design?
4) Would you be willing to donate something for the contest? I definitely would be willing to donate an item or two. If I get enough donors, I can make a whole gift pack out of it for the contest winner.

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I've lurked for quite a while but I've never posted here before and something just occurred to me. You all who dress in lolita (because I don't, can't afford it) always look so cute, and there's an outfit for everything.

But... what do you wear to bed? Do you ever wear lounge clothes to bed, or are they frilly pajamas? Are your bedclothes coordinate with your lolita substyle? Is there even such a thing as "lolita pajamas"?

(And I'm not sure how to tag, sorry.)

Spicing Up a Boring JSK?

Basically, I decided to make a really boring JSK and do splatter blood on it, but now I'm not quite sure if I want to do that so I'd like to make it fancier. All I have now is a white JSK with big ruffles at the bottom about 4 inches long, the bodice isn't attatched to the skirt yet and the straps haven't been made. Edit: You've all given me lovely ideas so far thank you! Any further ideas or helping me choose between the ideas posted would be of grea help as well. Thank you!
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Bodyline Cardigan question

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What was that? A New Lolita Vlog Episode?!

Finally a new vlog episode~!


It is about Second hand and Offbrand clothing.
And It includes YOU ALL!!
Because, I would like you to make little video responses about your favorite item(s)
that you own! (no more than 2 mins in length please!)
I cant wait to see your lovely clothes etc~!

More information in the video!

Thank you for looking <3

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Stores in Atlanta, GA?

Hello everyone!
Was just wondering if anyone knows of any stores in Atlanta, Georgia that sells cute things/ loliable things.
Things like hair clips, phone charms, etc, Korean things.

I'll be going to visit my Aunts and my Grandmother.
I know there are a lot of little stores that sell these kinds of things but I'd like to know which one you would recommend me going to. :3
I have a friend that found little Shirley Temple hair clips. Where would you find these, thanks! <3
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What kind of Loli Category does this fit into?

Okay first totally off topic; my mom agreed that she'll let me wear loli if I get 73% or more on a science final exam! There's a high chance that I'll be getting over that percent so I'm really happy that I'll be able to participate more in EGL (well, I HOPE I get a high enough mark, if notg I'll beg xD)

Back on topic, this is a BBTSSB Original tartan check scallop princess jumper skirt and I'm wondering what kind of loli style is this? The lace under the bust makes it look kinda classical since it's sewn to look like a waist cincher, but the print is tartan which is a bit like country.

Oh and what do you guys think of a classic&country loli? I just got that idea!

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My first outfit!

The dress from F+F I ordered came! I don't know why many people doesn't like F+F, I really love this dress. It's a great color, really fun, and good quality. I also got a headress and petticoat. I have socks, but you can't see them...
My only complaints are that the sleeves are to big and it is a little bit long.

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Super Sales Store' wigs ?

I used EGL shearch but didn't find anything about it. Did someone ever buy a wig from Super Sales Store ? Their wigs look very nice, but in the item description, there's some pics of wigs that don't look as good as the orginal one. So I was wondering what we should be exepting to get ? Have anyone some info ?
Thanks ! (and sorry for bad english ^^")
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searching shop

hello everyone! ^^

i'm going to visit barcelona and galicia this summer. Last year i searched in the internet for shops there with gothic lolita or other japanese style fashion. i didn't found any information. So my question is...do you know a shop there?
i'm going to spend a week in barcelona and 3 in ourense (galicia).
if you know a store or some other information, please tell me!

thank you!
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