June 11th, 2009

Shiro Loli

Something I need to ask...

Okay, so I was re-watching Kamikaze Girls the other night, when something caught my attention. During the scene where Momoko first meets Ichiko, Momoko stares in shock at Ichiko as she comes closer, naming off in her head what she finds horrifying about Ichiko's appearance. One of the things she exclaims is...

"Drawn-on eyebrows!"

This made me wonder... are drawn-on eyebrows so-not-loli?

I know that Momoko's a little old fashion and extreme with her 'rules' on lolita, and cares more about the guidelines then western lolitas do, but still, this line made me me stop and think...

The reason this bugs me so much is I have a condition called Trichotillomania. Trichotillomania makes me pull out my hair, but luckily, unlike many sufferers who pull out hair mostly from their head, I only pull out the hair on my face, which sounds bad, but it much easier to fix than having a giant bald spot on your head D: It's an impulse- something I can't really fight, like someone who eats when their nervous. It CAN be fixed with medications and daily effort to resist pulling, but it is extremely hard, almost like a food lover trying to go on a diet.

It's for this reason I have drawn-on eyebrows. I pick and pull my eyebrows constantly, and recently I just started shaving them off in order to keep me from picking at them in public (which is quite embarrassing, but once again, it's an impulse). As someone who plans to buy my first lolita outfit this summer, I can't help but think that my drawn-on eyebrows may ruin my overall appearance, like if someone where to wear beautiful clothes, but leave their hair in a messy ponytail.

So... is drawn on eyebrows a lolita taboo? I mean, if YOU saw a lolita with completely drawn-on eyebrows would you be disgusted, or not even notice?

lolita_wank  here I come!

</span>EDIT: Trichotillmaniac lolis unite? o_o I never knew there were so many of us...
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catreece wings

Who wants to be painted!

(Yes, sorry, it's another picture request post for painting references ^^*)

I want to do a bunch of Lolita paintings and wood burns, and I think it would be fun to do some off of actual pictures. I'm looking for anything that's at an actual setting (glamor shots, picnic photos, etc), not any group convention shots or anything like that--and I don't want to paint anyone without their consent, so single person photos of yourself are preferred. (I could always do some creative cropping, so if you post anything with multiple people in it, please mention which one is you ^^*) I'm not going to be picky about the style of Lolita or anything (though I may change it in the painting), pictures with an interesting background (giant doom gardens, dead houses, etc) are preferable.
Anything I decide to paint/burn will most likely be cropped, have things changed/adjusted/added/subtracted, done not-so-realistic, so it won't be an exact copy of the same composition. Multiple pictures from the same day would be preferable (easier for details and backgrounds). Please reply with either links to actual pictures, or gallery links.

Anything I paint/burn, I plan on selling (art fairs, anime conventions, online, or to you if you want), so please don't reply with pictures unless you're cool with your face being sold and hung up in someone's living space. ;) Credit will definitely be given, so please include your name (you can message me with it if you don't want it public)--anyone that doesn't leave a name with their pictures or in my inbox will have their LJ username referenced.

Thanks in advance ^^ I'll post things as they are finished to egl_comm_art.
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Innocent World Shipping Question

First off, are there any Swedish lolitas who ordered a package from Innocent World that seems to be heading towards the US? If so, please let me know-- I may have your tracking info, and you may have mine! Anyways, I ordered a dress off the Innocent World site at the end of last week, and they shipped it out on Monday evening. I was expecting the dress this afternoon; however, when I went to look at the tracking information on the EMS site, it said my dress had just passed through customs. In Sweden. This is pretty clearly not correct, as I live in the US and gave them a US address, so I'm wondering if anyone else has had issues with Innocent World's shipping? I strongly suspect that they simply mixed up the tracking numbers and gave me another girl's, but considering all the issues people have had with shipping from Angelic Pretty's English site lately, I'm curious to know if I should have any cause for concern. Thanks in advance!

Solved, thanks!

Question About Maps+Japan


So I'm going to Japan for the first time and I have a some questions
Are these maps still accurate? (they haven't been updated in years...
And do the things posted in the second link still apply to today?
How well do the shop staff in lolita stores take to non-lolis?

Because I want to buy my first outfit in Japan I want to be well prepared :)
Thanks for any help <3
yui, konata, haruhi
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Can you wear a EGA Blouse if you are wearing stuff meant for kodona/ouji?

Planned to buy something from MMM. (Before I could buy the BPN Prince Blouse, it was sold out or something).
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Innocent World Summer Lucky Packs

I was browsing the IW site and noticed they have lucky packs! Type A is 19,000 yen and Type B is 25,000 yen that comes in a S, M, or L. That's pretty cool that they have size specific lucky packs now!

Get them while they are hot! In my opinion, IW usually has some pretty awesome LP's. 

EDIT: Probably a little too late but here is the overseas order form to use: http://innocent-w.jp/cgi/order_e/form.html and here is the guide: http://innocent-w.jp/e/guide.html.

I am rather happy to see so many classical lolitas out there!