June 10th, 2009

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Fun/Happy Memories?

What's been your happiest or most fun memory while wearing Lolita? (I don't think this has been posted recently, please let me know if it has.)

I've had a lot of good times, but I remember how unexpectedly girly and feminine I felt when I tried on my first JSK, one I made. All my clothes up to that point had been Goth, boy-style, or Aristocrat, and when I put the JSK on it surprised me how nice I felt wearing it.

How about you? :)
Cute Cake

Throwing an idea out there?

Hi ladies, I was thinking today. To help cut down on all the 'measurements' posts I'd like help in compiling the REAL measurements min-max on most of the popular prints/dresses to start off. (Since we all know they can be off at times) I figured I could start with Angelic Pretty and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. If you can contribute, please do. Just give me the name of the OP, JSK, or skirts and the true measurements that you have found fit.

I figured this guide would be helpful to everyone and I want another summer project. ^_^

Any help would be so appreciated.

By some freak chance...

Hi everyone,
long time, no post...

I have posted this before... To no avail. Sigh.
As you all probably know i'm a South African citizen, and i am the only other lolita here.

So basically i'm asking any other South African lolis?
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Lolita at School

I know this topic has been brought up many a time before. But this isn't your normal "how do you feel about wearing lolita to school?" post.

So I go to a high school that normally wears uniforms except for once a month when we a have a civvies day and get to wear our own clothes. I tend to wear lolita on these days.

Now normally I would expect to get comments from immature little kids that don't know a thing about fashion/style outside of our uniform and jeans and t-shirts. But what I didn't expect was to get a derogatory comment, and even a gesture, from my teacher. I'm not going to say what it was because it makes me very uncomfortable even thinking about it.

Before you say report it to the office.... I already have. I'm not sure if they've done anything but I did report it.

So my question to you is..... has this ever happened to you?
And maybe your opinion on whether or not I should continue wearing lolita to school.
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sacrificing discussion for exposure?

Given the heated discussion of a topic that has just been deleted I really feel that I have to comment on the whole idea of making a post > not listening to anyone's opinions = deleting the post like it never existed. I know a lot of topics here on egl are related to the fashion on a very shallow level but that's because Lolita is basically a fashion first and foremost. However I'm sure we are all aware that although Lolita is a fashion it's a very personal fashion and a lifestyle choice for many; hell there are frequent posts about dealing with personal relationships and Lolita because of the strong feelings we have towards the clothing we love.

I for one am pleased when a topic besides photo requests and brand measurments gets posted here because it gets the community talking and believe it or not this community is capable of having an intelligent discussion without wank or drama. (The recent deleted post on religion is a perfect example of this; I didn't witness any shameless name calling or wank but still it was deleted.) And while some confuse a heated debate and opinions with wank any troublemakers are weeded out quickly and dealt with by the mods.
It seems that over the years many relevant topics have not been posted for fear of drama and backlash but you have no need to fear anyone else's opinion if you're open minded or courteous enough to agree that although you may not agree with someone's views on a personal level you respect them enough to understand that they are capable of having their own views even if they do not coincide with your own.

I feel that topics posted to egl where the opening post encourages discussion on a very small area of a topic and then gets later deleted by the original poster is more a post to be seen rather than a topic to be made and encourage discussion amongst the members here. But why should one make a post with the guise of a 'discussion?'
The thing is that egl is a community with over 10 thousand members and even if only half of those people are active that's still 5000 people with opinions and views that are different from your own so the mere idea of trying to make a discussion where you comment on one very small part of an issue without branching out into other areas is basically impossible.

So what's the point of this post? I wanted to express my distaste for people who post topics without actually wanting actual informative, intelligent discussion only to later delete them when they feel that no-one is listening to their views without firstly accepting that there are others out there. If you do not want people to actually discuss an issue you're posting then don't make the post. You're not only embarrassing yourself but you're disrespecting the many members here who have taken the time to write you a reply sharing their own views.
I want to encourage more discussion here on this community, even the recent post about the very tentative weight issue in Lolita has proven that a discussion about a very sensitive topic can be full of some fantastically written comments devoid of wank and name-calling. One shouldn't be scared of making a post here especially when all there is to fear is the opinions of others.

So I ask egl, surely I am not the only member to feel this way? (Sorry if there are any grammar / spelling errors, it's early and I'm sick.)

Lady Gaga Lolita vid

I was browsing Japanator and they had the video of Lady Gaga's trip to Japan up (apparently from a Japanese TV show) and quite a bit of it shows her in the AP dress, so I thought I'd post it here. I checked the thread from yesterday and it didn't seem to be linked on there, but if it has already been posted, I apologize.

(She looks pretty awesome rocking the AP dress, considering everyone in wtf_burando  was comparing it to sissy and saying stuff along the lines of "that looks hideous")

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Final Opinions Needed! Crucifixion Dress Coordinate

Well I finally have everything together for my crucifixion dress coordinate! :D I will be wearing this outfit to the big meetup in Montreal this weekend, but first I just wanted to get you guys' final opinions!

If you click most of the photos, you can see a larger version for more detail. :)

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ETA: A lot of you are not liking the shoes, but at this point my only other option would be THESE. Thoughts?
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Community Separation

Lately within the egl community things have been a little slow. Beside the occasional meet up photo post, there hasn't been much activity, and it's a bit sad.

It made me wonder, what lead up to all the splitting of the main egl comm? Did it make things better? I understand the split from the sales community and the main community, that was probably the only split I could actually justify in my mind.

So many of the same girls are in all the other "major" lolita communities, it makes me wonder what the hell the other communities exist for. daily_lolita gets a lot of posts, most of which are absolutely adorable. the new lolita art community seems to be thriving, but again makes me wonder, why spit it up in the first place?

I know that some of you complain about too much posts in your friends list, but if you join the other communities anyway, aren't you getting the same effect? And doesnt that leave the main egl community with little to almost no actual content? Right now it seems as though egl is a shell of what it once was, only to have stock photo requests run rampant.

I guess the whole point of my post is to see what people think of all these other massive communities, was it a good idea to split them up? Do you find yourself visiting the other communities more?

all offbrand + a cute incident <3 and a small question while we're at it lol

so i bought this adorable dress from a store called Papaya. it's so cute! and something awesome happened while i was wearing it.

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oh yeah my question! lol i recently got the pink heartbuckle shoes from Bodyline. i want to wear them to a picnic with my boyfriend. he and i are the same height, but with these shoes i'm probably a good two inches taller than him! :/ should i wear the shoes, or what should i do??? i'm really worried about this. lol i don't want him to be uncomfortable...</div></div>
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Craft Post~<3

hello egl...again! it seems i'm on a posting spree, but it's because i've been so busy with my new job, and i've had all this stuff to put on here!

i made a hat that i am VERY proud of! and this one is all fabric, compared to my past felt one that i spray painted and it is now hard. lol although it is still very pretty to me.

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Pin Up  March 2008

Atlanta Lolitas LoliDay Coffee Party

For LoliDay, bunnyko planned a coffee party. Her and her boyfriend are coffee nuts, and they both used to work at Starbuck's. They planned a coffee tasting and bunnyko took the time to give a little lesson on how to taste coffee and what kinds of coffees come from different parts of the world.

We had a small group because some of the people who were supposed to come canceled at the last minute, but we had a fun meet up anyway!

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fatal frame sleeping

Little picnic

heeey everyone! I bet none of you even remember me, its been so insanely long! But the other day I visitedpictishlass in Ann Arbor, and we had a picnic. She wasnt really dressed lolita, but I was, and there are too many good photos for daily lolita, so Im gonna post here, plus I miss you bitches =P


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summer straw hats

yeah summer is already here in Korea.
I found nice straw hat base suit for Lolita and I decorate with flowers

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this hat base is actually for kids, little bit small for wear fully on the head.
but wear like this, I didn't really feel the hat is small

I have 2 more hats for me.. and thinking selling some of them.
I'm wonder anyone interested in.
If I sell, it will not over $30.. I think.
I have lots of ideas to decorates those hat but two hats are already enough for me>.< 

Japan Expo

hello egl,

I was wondering if there will be a meeting in Paris during Japan expo?
I know there was (an attempt at) one last year and I was hoping there'd be one this year.

Thank you.