June 9th, 2009


Starry Candy Box considers Anime Expo 2009

We have gotten a number inquires in regarding Anime Expo 2009. As a result, we have consulted with Angelic Pretty regarding the viability of Starry Candy Box as a vendor at AX09. The conclusion was that the possibility is very real that Starry Candy Box may participate as exhibiting vendor, and we are currently considering the detail of attending. However, we could use some direct community feed backs.

Please let us know what your thoughts are, and what would you like to see at our booth if we commit as a vendor.


Q: Will you have new merchandise?
A: Yes, fresh new merchandise both from our current catalog, and up coming products

Q: What inventory will you have?
A: Yes, we will have a full compliment of products

Q: What form of payments will you accept?
A: We only accept cash and PayPal at this time.

Q: Will you have products from other brands?
A: No, we are an Angelic Pretty exclusive reseller.

Q: Will there be a changing booth:
A: Yes, a changing booth will be provided

Q: Will there be any type of special events such as panels or fashion show conducted by Starry Candy Box?
A: We will be an exhibit only vendor. No special event have been planned at this time.

Q: Will there be lucky packs?
A: We do not have an answer to this question at this time.

If you have a customer support related question, please email us directly at us_info@starrycandybox.com . We do not conduct customer support over LiveJournal.

Clearlyperilous' Big Guide To Clothing Care

Wow, sorry guys. Hopefully only the one person saw that! My cut totally failed so I deleted just to fix it for you guys. Anyway... on with the show!

Many people consider lolita clothing to be dry-clean only, but if you wear lolita frequently you'll find that it really begins to add up! And really, that money should be going to your dream dress right? As scary as it seems, most lolita items can be hand-washed quite safely. Here are some tips I've compiled to help you cut down on that laundry bill and keep your frills looking lovely for years to come!

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Pic + Info request: Bodyline blouses

Hai guys!

I'm looking to buy some blouses from Bodyline. There's two that I'm interested in:

g865: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp?name=/bodyline/photos/g865-2.jpg
g257: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp?name=/bodyline/photos/g257-2.jpg

I'm more interested in g257 but I'm having trouble seeing the details. Is it a pure white blouse or off-white? What's the collar like? (there's this giant bow in the way in the picture, way to go Bodyline!) What's the bottom look like?

For g865 I'm just more interested in the quality of the lace, it's hard to tell in the picture.

If you guys have any info or pictures of them worn, that would be great! Thanks for your help (:
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What we've all been waiting for...

I'm on the Bodyline email list (like many of you) and received an update today with some new information. Guess what? Bodyline finally has upgraded their servers!

The quote: "3,Our server has moved to a big server for service up now"

Thanks for the effort Mr. Yan! Now maybe I can actually see an item the first time I click on it? =D

New stuff on the english bodyline website?


Bodyline question...

I'm sorry guys, I feel kinda bad asking about this here, but someone must know...

Are these new shoes on the bodyline website blue or mint?

They look mint but say light blue. Has anyone ordered them/anyone living in Japan seen them?

Also, does anyone know if their heels run smaller than the flats? This tends to be true of a lot of brands - for example, Angelic Pretty...their heels run at least a half size smaller than their flats. I only have flats from Bodyline (well, except for some I recently sold that were over 3 years old).

EDIT: One more question...
A lot of people have been hit with customs charges in the US lately from Bodyline. What are the lowest total order cost that is getting hit? Anyone have any ideas? Those who have been hit - how much was the total of your order? I'm planning to order about $300 of stuff (215 of stuff, 83 of shipping) and I'm curious if I'm likely to get hit.

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Does anyone know where to find lolita children's clothing? I have a 10 month old girl and I would like to dress up with her for a portrait. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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white outfit

shoe question from the newbie

i bought some shoes on sale. and i THINK they are good for Loli wear...... but i am very very new.. so i thought i would ask.
Link to picture of style HERE.  its a harajuku lovers shoe. they seem to have many styles that are possible.

also in the past few days i have found many blouses at TJ Max and Marshals (US based discount clothing shops) that look very Lolita to me... sadly most of them dont seem to come in my size, but i picked up a few.

also,  for those of you who sew? the "june wedding" quilting fabrics at my local stores have LOTS of cute hearts, cakes, and etc prints.  i found several in the Jo Ann Fabrics under the brand M'Liss.. and they are online!
also Steve's Sew and Vac in King of Prussia PA (who will be adding web fabric sales soon) had a TON of tea, food and candy prints.. i bought some to make overskirts and aprons .