June 8th, 2009

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egl_comm_art - go vote!

Greetings from one of the mods over at egl_comm_art!
We advertised on egl when the art community was first created just less than a month ago. We're a community based around Lolita artwork, a friendly place to post your work and get helpful critiques (or if you just want to share artwork you did without fear of being torn apart by the non-art community ;)). In addition to being a great place to show off your mad art skillz and ask for help and suggestions, one of the things that we're doing to keep the community active is having art contests!

The voting for our "Art" contest is up!
The current contest is to create a piece of artwork to use as the profile picture for the community and an accompanying icon, using art as the theme. The prizes for this contest are:
- Three (3) month minimum feature in the icon and profile of the community.
- One (1) lineart commission from wonderfinch
- One (1) Brown x White Heart-Topped Jumperskirt from Bodyline (an alternate prize can be arranged if the winner does not wish to give out their mailing address)
Voting for this contest has officially started! Please go here and vote for a winner! The voting period will go until June 14th at midnight.
For future contests, we're welcoming donations for prizes! Please contact either myself or wonderfinch if you have a Lolita item you'd like to donate for a future prize (more info at the voting post).

Currently accepting submissions for June's theme!
The theme for June is "fanart". Pretty self explanatory; pick any fictional character (from a movie, tv series, anime, book, etc) and draw them in Lolita! This theme contest will run until June 26th at midnight. For more information, please see the original post here.

You must be a member in order to enter any of the contests (obviously). If you're interested in becoming a member, please see our community rules here.
You don't need to be a member to vote though, so I encourage everyone to go vote! ;)

Blouse Collars

Hello everyone. I was just wondering about blouse and the shape of the collar. I just bought a blouse that has a pointed collar. Is this alight for a lolita outfit or is this not appopriate for a lolita outfit? If not, my father could create a peter pan collar for it, but i anted to see first if  apointed collar is alright. thank you for your time ^ ^
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Converting a Messenger Bag?

Okay, I've been looking all over for a decent white bag to go with my coordinates. I found some cute bags, but they're messenger/side bags and those types of bags tend to kill me back-wise. A little bit ago, I saw someone (I believe it was on this comm) post a side-comment that messenger bags could be converted to backpacks. Does anyone know how this is done? Do you just add straps, or what? And does it look all right?

I'd be grateful for any help you can give me. ^_^
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Turning white off-white?

Hello egl! I was wondering if anyone here had any experiences with dying fabrics. I recently ordered this blouse from Anna House which I must have accidentally ordered in the wrong colour. It was advertised as cream white but the one I received is extremely white with more bluish undertones and doesn't match any of my clothes!

Would it be possible to dye it just a slightly creamier shade? The fabric and lace it's made from are cotton but I realise the ribbon probably wouldn't take to it (although since it's still white it wouldn't show up to much?). In particular, I am trying to match it to the "off white" fabric that Baby uses.

Thankyou in advance!

Anti-Lolita Parents

I know that this has probably been posted several times on EGL, but I can't seem to find the topic with EGL search. Will delete if asked to.

So, I'm guessing that I'm not the only one with parents that are much against lolita. My mom totally freaks whenever I look up BSSB's new dresses, or read GLB (that I bought, with MY allowance). My dad doesn't really care as long as it's modest (which would be no problem).
So I'm starting a discussion here about all of you with anti-lolita parents, write your problems, and we'll all try to help each other out and give solutions to each other :)

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