June 7th, 2009

In to the Sea

Going to Japan in 3 days.

Hi, I wanted to ask if the Tokyo shopping guide is still up to date? I know that quite a few things have changed but I don't know by how much it has.

This question might have been asked before but when I tired looking it up all I kept finding was the original shopping guide.

I will be eternally thankful for an answer!
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Recession Lolita

I've been wondering if I should post this or not because i have seen many discussion over the past week and i am not sure how people will re act as it's not the funnest subject for some.....but I'm very curious. How has your spending habits changed over the last few months? Are you buying more? Are the site or location you bought from changed? What are youe tips to lolitas during these awkward economic times?

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Credit: Moonchild_x

In Search of a Skirt Pattern

I did a search and couldn't find it.

I was wondering if anybody has a pattern for the pink pirate skirt that's on the cover of GLB. I don't remember the number of it, but it was the english release one that was right before the wedding issue. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? Or have I confused you all?
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Witch Pheobe

Make up tutorial request!! :]

I'm not exactly sure how to do my makeup for Gothic Lolita. Can someone show me something that's elegant yet still gothic? I'm rather dark-skinned so suggestions from dark skinned ladies are very much so appreciated. I'll still be grateful if you show me and you have light skin as well though. :]

Mizz Charmed

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I am attempting to to make chocolate syrup drip on my container like this:

But when I mix the brown oil paint with the Bakable transfer color medium, the mixture just runs everywhere and turns into a mess. HELP!

Regarding the BODYLINE model contest

(Dearest MODS, I do not know if this is allowed but if not feel free do delete)

Hello lovely ladies ♥

First of all I want to thank everyone who congratulated me on getting into the finals of the BODYLINE model contest. I have read the comments and it ment alot to me so thank you!
Seeing my self show up on the page as one of the finalists was a huge thrill for me!

However, I am writing this message to inform you that I have drawn my self back from the contest for personal reasons. (Nothing worrysome)
I thought I should announce it myself to avoid rumors, I would also like to mark greatly that BODYLINE has no part in the fact that I have drawn myself back from the model contest.

I really wish all the luck of the world to the other models that are in the finals!
May the best of you win and I hope it will become a great experience for you!
Maybe I'll run into you in Tokyo since I was going there myself allready in July.

Kind regards and thank you for the short support so far~ ♥

Riona a.k.a Jessica.

PS: I am not a native English speaker so I would like to apologize if my grammar shows a mistake every now and then.
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EGL wigs

since cyperous is down/shutdown, where can i get [reasonably priced] lolita type wigs?

like this one:

besides http://amphigory.com/

thanks misses!
[yes i checked the memories and searched]

sharky rawr

Another Anime Expo Post: Shopping

I noticed that this year the dealer's hall is severely lacking in quality vendors in comparison to last year. There's no Naoto...no Maruione...etc. The only name I recognize is Dreamshoppe, but even they seemed to be cutting back on the lolita stuff and focus more on punk.

So I was wondering are there any members that are going to be selling lolita goods in the Artist Alley?

Cluny lace problems

Hi everyone! I have a question for the comm. On a new jsk I made, the lace has rolled really badly after I washed it. I have had this problem before when using cluny lace. My question is, is there a way to prevent the lace from rolling after it is washed other then to tack the edge of the lace to the fabric? I have done this on another jsk, but it was on the bodice, where this is on the skirt.

Picture of the lace before,

Lace after it has been washed,

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I had to use my webcam.

Bloomers: Always a must-have? ANSWERED-THX<3!

Hey girls!

Well, this question will sound kind of stupid, but:

I'm just wondering if there are other alternatives instead of wearing bloomers?
To be honest I'm not a huge fan of bloomers and drawers but I don't want anyone to have a look under my skirt.
Are there any alternatives?
'Cos an outfit without bloomers feels incomplete =/

I'd be glad for links where I can buy something alternative ^_^

I'm an beginner so please excuse this stupid question...
Also sorry for my bad English I'm not a native speaker ^^"

Thanks in advance girls!