June 6th, 2009



A good friend of all of ours has run into some incredibly tough times. Mary [her username is tropigalia] has had several very tough things happen to her all at once. You can read the whole story right here http://tropigalia.livejournal.com/449482.html Also, please take the time to read the article that she links to in her post.
I can only imagine what it is like to have so many terrible things happen to you all at once. Something about her troubles struck a chord with me which is why I decided that I had to help her in anyway that I could. I hope some of you feel the same way.

This community gets cited as being full of nothing but bitches who don't care about anything but their frilly dresses. I dont think that's true. Which is why I am asking you all for your help now.

I would like to organize a raffle to help with her cause. I personally will be putting up a baby dress, and I have a few people already who are willing to put a few other great items.

If you are interested in donating an item to the cause please read the rest of the information behind the cut.

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Remember, even if you can't offer anything up for the raffle, you can always help by buying a ticket. And if you can't afford to buy a ticket, you can always help out by linking back to Mary's original post and spreading the word.

Come on, girls! Lets show the world what we're made of!

Lolita shoes.

Hi there,
For school I wanted to buy these amazing lolita shoes, they are quiet expensive but my mum said I could have them.
Now I am posting here because I have quiet a wide foot and they don't accept returns for small sizes.

My Question is:
''From anyone who is familiar with lolita shoes, would these shoes fit a wide foot or are they narrow''
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Jp stores problems


I placed on order for a skirt from angelic pretty 3 days ago. I sent my payment but accidentally forgot to put my  purchase number in with my payment D': I have ordered from AP before with no problems and quick replies but no info yet.

I have sent AP several emails via the contact board with my purchase number as they say to do, but its still 'processing'. How long does it usually take for messages to process? Should I be very worried about my order? I don't want to get banned from AP shopping or anything because of my mistake D:

Thanks if you can help~!

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By complete coincidence, bucktick and I arranged to spend Loliday together drinking beer and cooking curry at her house. Of course, when we realised it was Lolita Day we decided to make a meet-up of it and wear lolita. Here are a few photos of our outfits, and of glorious Kashiwa...

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International Lolita Day on Kinokuniya in NYC

Hi, I was at Kino taking a few shots. I passed out my cards to those I shot with, but figured I'd share the link here to make it easier to track them down. I didn't shoot with everyone obviously but there are a bunch there. Some aren't strictly Lolita but more inspired. If you are in NYC area and would like to do a longer shoot, let me know.


Take care,

Bob Nittoli