June 5th, 2009


Photo request!

I'm looking for photos of coordinates with TONS of lace!
I have a painting idea that involves lots of lace, but I'm coming to you guys because I can't seem to come up with a good enough design that looks Lolita without the lace actually seeming overboard--I know, seems a little bit contradictory, but I know there are lots of dresses out there that have lots of lace and are absolutely horrid, and there are others with lots of lace that are more presentable and done well. The latter are the ones I want to see.

Thanks in advance! ^^
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Style Question - Opinions Plz

Hi everybody,

Long time commenter, first-time poster. Was wondering what some of you ladies (& gents) think about mixing styles, particularly mixing sweet with Kodona. Now, I have seen Shiro done with Kodona and done well, and who hasn't seen Novala, but does this seem like a good/feasable idea? I already have some coords in the works, but I need more inspiration/input.
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(no subject)

I apologize for this post, I've been trying to look for this article/post through google and it's not coming up :x

I remember there was a post not too long ago about different ways of wearing wristcuffs. I forgot is it was a scan or if someone posted it here, but yeah.
If anyone can help me find the post I'll be very grateful. D:

EDIT: Found.
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F+F Review

F+F Order Review

I got the blouse I ordered from Fanplusfriend today, and so I'm sharing my initial thoughts and reactions to it.

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With that out of the way, I am wondering what input people have regarding blouses from other companies? Fabric choices, construction, etc. Would be lovely for my next blouse purchase to not be disappointing.

Edit: Would like to mention that I know that blouses are never lined before I'm bombarded with comments telling me this very thing. XD
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I made bloomers, and how do you get yours?

I made myself a pair of bloomers from a pair of target shorts 4 sizes to big. I followed the bloomers tutorial, except not the first part. So, how do you get bloomers? Do you make ones or do you buy brand ones? I figure if no one is looking, why do you need to buy $50 ones? Unless you are into Ero-Loli. Collapse ) (EDIT) Sorry, this was my first post, so I'm not sure how to do it. Thank you for being supportive and understanding of my newbiness!
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