June 4th, 2009

Motif Discussion

So, I've been buying and looking at a lot of things with motifs recently, and I was just wondering what everyone else's opinions were on the matter. Please post your favorite motifs, what motifs you have, and how you wear them (only with the same motif, with certain other motifs, with any other motif...)

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International Lolita Day (Discussion)

June 6th, 2009 is International Lolita Day!  (AKA. Loliday!)

What are you guys planning?

(^_^) I am going to dress up and have a mini photoshoot. (On June 7th, I will get together with some friends. We will go to The Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town)

For more info on International Lolita Day:




Hairstyle Help

Hi! I have a hairstyle problem. I want to wear lolita to work. The problem is that pigtails would be a little too youthful and wearing it down would get in the way. Is there any other hairstyles that are lolita? Any ideas would be great. Thanks a bunch.
dmr ahahhaha

just wondering..


i am newish to this community (lol first post but i'm a bit of a creeper watching it) I was just wondeirng if there is any aort of arranged meet ups for lolitas in and around toronto.

thanks ^_ 
key necklace

Emailed Bodyline - Now with Reply!

I'm writing an email to Bodyline, asking when the new items will be on the international site, but I also want to ask about restocking the girly note skirts and the black and white music JSKs. Anyone have the Bodyline item numbers off the top of their heads? The pages for thoes items are no longer directly accessable on the international site since they're no longer up for sale.

Edit: I can also ask about other items.

If anyone else wants to send emails to improve the chances of restock, here are the item numbers (thanks pancakebear and idealia)

girly note skirts: G800, G801, G802
http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=1635 (black version - also in red and pink)

music jsks are g387 (black) and g388 (white).

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Two devils

Where do you dance?

It seems no matter where we (maeanalda  and myself) go, we are asked the same question.  "Where do you dance?" 

For a past meet at Leu Gardens, we were asked by no less then three separate people where we were dancing.  Last Saturday we went to Joannes in lolita and were asked by the woman at the cutting counter where we were going to be dancing. 

How many different things do we pass as?  What different activities have we been assumed to be coordinating?

-Dancing (I am assuming line dancing or something)
-Having a wedding (without a bride)
-Being in a play 
-Children's story time reader
-Raising money for charity
-Halloween costumes
-Carnival costumes
-Being in the Renaissance festival
-Being Amish   <.<
-A Disney character
-A fairy
-A princess (by a 5-year-old)
-Being in another century
-Swedish Foreigner
-Herding sheep
-Barbie / Alice in Wonderland costume
-Swiss national costume
-Magical forest
-Japanese Greek fashion
-In a band
-Museum exhibit
-Little red riding hood
-Wine Queen  (wtf?)

-Fashion model
-Kids Entertainment

Anyone else?

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Discussion: Lolita or Not? Lolita mixed with other fashions and Alice Deco coordinates

Ok, so I have been wanting to know this for a while.

Do you care if lolita gets integrated with other fashions? I know there have been discussions of:
  • lolita x cyber
  • lolita x bohemian
  • lolita x himegyaru

So I have a couple of questions for everyone:

1) Do you want lolita to be kept separated from other fashions? (ie. visual kei, fairy kei, natural kei, himegyaru, cyber, bohemian, etc.)

2) How do you feel about the following coordinates from Alice Deco? (pictures below) I feel like there are influences with other fashions in these outfits (even though I can't tell you what most of them are).

3) Are these lolita fashion or not?
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4) If someone were to wear an outfit like the one with the denim jacket to a lolita meetup, how would you feel?

Please discuss!!

cute find!

i was in old town spring in texas and saw an ADORABLE ALICE MESSENGER BAG at this random furniture store!!! but it was $169.00! totally not what i was expecting. so i looked at the tag, got the website, and found the retailor that sells it cheaper. :D thought i would share it with you! they have the original Alice prints by Carroll and Tenniel! they're based in europe i believe. (prices are in euros. lol)


i want them all! >w<~<3 and the messenger bags can be converted into backpacks!

enjoy girls!
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Miku icecream

(no subject)

I was thinking about this yesterday, and this post made me think about it a little more...

Do you girls incorporate your lolita pieces into non-lolita coordinates?
For example, maybe you wear cutsews with jeans or tea party shoes with mini-skirts.
I would love to see any creative combinations you've come up with!
Maybe we can inspire each other to think outside the box and get more use out of the clothes we spend so much on ;3

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Rilakkuma Face
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Japanese Disney merchandise

I know many people here love Disney, and I've seen tons of lolitas using cute Disney purses, jewelry, and other accessories in their coordinates.

Most of the cutest, most loliable Disney merchandise comes out of - surprise - Japan. And there are a LOT of websites (often blog-type sites) that sell Japanese Disney merchandise. Examples include www.cheapdisneytoys.blogspot.com and plushworld.blogspot.com. However, I have no clue if what they're selling is authentic or not. The majority of these sellers are located in Singapore, which makes me wonder if they're selling bootlegs.

Other than using a shopping service, does anyone know of some legitimate websites or sellers that have Japanese Disney merchandise? I've googled my butt off, but so far, no luck. ;_;
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Angelic Pretty Skirts

Hello everyone. I checked the database, so I think this post will be alright. I`m planning on buying an Angelic Pretty Sweet Jam skirt in pink from the english site. The only problem is if it`s worth the money. I just want to know form other people who have bought Angelic Pretty skirts and how it was and how often they wore it. Any comments and feedback would be very appricated, as I want my money`s worth when I buy the skirt. Thank you for your time ^ ^
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pic request, please!

So, I *finally* won one of my "dream" skirts, Baby's regimental stripe skirt (the one with the chandelier underskirt), a little while back on Y!Japan. When I received the package, the skirt turned out to be a completely different color. D:

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