June 2nd, 2009

Pixel Art

Hello again!

I've seen a lot of nice, loliable pixel art on blogs, egl posts (the super sparkly posts especially) and lj communties such as petitedoll. I'd like to use these myself but I don't know where to look. The websites I've seen don't really have what I'm looking for and I'm not talking about dolls; searching lolita pixel dolls are a cake-walk. Does anyone have any good lolita(-ish) pixel sites to share?

Here's an example of what I'm looking for. Feel free to tell me the source:

shoe sizing

I just want to be sure because the last time I bought shoes the sizing was wrong so I thought I'd ask the people who are my size what size they get. In converse I am a 7 1/2, out of the number sizing what am I?
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Musical Lolitas

In light of a certain post (and because I am avoiding work again)

Do any of you play any musical instruments/sing/compose/produce etc? It'd be interesting to see what musical talents egl has!

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Looking for someone?

Hey guys, I'm hoping that you can help me out here! I'm looking for the girl that makes sweets jewelery (yes, that's a lot of you) and posted a HUGE post a while back. She had lots of little ice cream cones on rings?

Hopefully someone can help. Thanks!

MODS: if you would rather I post this in the sales community I can do that :)

Found, thank you :) You guys are the best!

Anime Expo Anyone

Are any of you lovely ladies going to Anime Expo? If so will there be any meet ups? Also anyone staying at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites? My friend and I are traveling from New Orleans and will staying there July 1-5, we will be in Lolita (Thurs and part of Friday and Sun) and also Cosplaying (Fri & Sat). We hope to meet many of you all. >^_^<

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purikuri with saya
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BABY- soon to get an English webpage

My name is Val. I have been living in Japan for 5 years now and I LOVE lolita fashion. I always tend to go for sweet lolita...
To make a long story short, Yesterday I hired by Mr. Isobe of BABY to make their English version to their webpage. I am going to be working day and night with every free second I have getting it up and running as soon as possible!

The details are under the cut
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Would ANY loli shoes fit me?

i wear a 8- 8.5 womens in US size, a 25.5 in japan size....

but the trouble is, my feet are really wide! 4.25 inches to be exact. in fact, wide-width shoes are sometimes too narrow for me :(

i just got into lolita recently and so far just have a few items,all off-brand.... i want some shoes to complete the look, but would any fit my wide feet? please respond , especially if you have wide feet too!

ive been considering secret shop tea partys,,,, and metamorphose engineer boots
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