June 1st, 2009


Fanime Lolita Ouji Picnic Pictures!



Someone left a bag at the picnic. If you lost it go to the fanime website ( www.fanime.com ) and tell them what you lost. They will get it back to you!

Hey everyone! I'm glad the picnic was another great success!

This were all the pictures I took but be sure to let me know if you took pictures!
I'd like to get them all together for my self! :D
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Beating a dead horse

Well, after discussing this with a friend and reading some of those ever-great loli secrets, I wanted to get some other opinions from people on the main community and maybe open up some discussion.

The way lolitas dress is very much tea and cake and cotton candy and kawaii and uguu. One is thought to be or feel like a princess, to feel beautiful, while wearing this particular fashion of clothing. While that is all fine and good, what exactly makes clothes change your life or your personality?

I am a fan of a lot of fashions, Lolita is definitely my favorite but what in the world makes it so special that you need to change yourself to fit this "ideal image"? I've seen many times complaints about "oh she's such a bitch, why is she wearing lolita?", "oh no she went drinking in lolita how gross!" etc. Fact of the matter is, lolita is just a clothing choice at the end of the day, and people will always be themselves. I don't believe it is natural or even.. sane to change your lifestyle to fit what you are wearing.

If any of you believe that you should fit into what you wear, please feel free to hash open a discussion, because I am honestly confused! I normally don't care and go about my way but my curiosity as to what makes people flip the switch from "this is me" to "this is what i should be" because of a style of clothing has overcome me.
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posture problems.

I was looking at some photos my friend took of me in lolita. While I'm pretty aware that my posture is pretty horrible, I didn't realize how Bad it was until I saw the photos.

I am trying to correct it on my own, but I'm not sure that my mental nagging of "stand/sit up straight!" is enough. When I'm not consciously thinking about it, I know that I just slump right over, back to where I started.

So, EGL, I was wondering if any of you have any advice? Bought something that worked for you?

Thanks in advance.
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Shoe Party photo post

I was going to post this on my lj but then I thought I've never mad a photo post on EGL so...

Last week I invited some of the girls over for photos and stuff, Mostly so that I could get shots of girls in the shoes for a site I've been working on. so we used 2 old backdrops and a camo net for our set and had a shoe party.


Ballerina socks

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Because I'm curious...

I'm an aspiring writer and I've been thinking about submitting a short story to the American Gothic Lolita Bible. However, I have a question that I would like to put out to the community.

When it comes to writing, what do you term as "lolita" literature?
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Just some pictures from Jacon!

I've been a long time lurker of this community (creepy huh?) but rarely find a comfortable opportunity to wear lolita (Florida is hot, damnit!) Jacon 09 was held recently in Orlando and I was thrilled being able to wear my beautiful Rakuen dress! It's the third one I've bought from them but I really love the craftsmanship over some AP and BTSSB dresses I've seen.

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Help With a School Project (I'm sorry -_-''' )

Sorry if this is annoying for people, but I was wondering if a lolita shop and/or brand owner could help me with a school project please?
For 30% of my final GCSE mark in IT,  I have to do a 'project' which consists of me describing in great detail a made-up shop/organization and then creating many spreadsheets, databases, adverts etc based on this description. Since it's a free choice, I've chosen to create a pretend lolita shop called 'Sweet Melody', but I really don't have much knowledge into the making of clothes to sell in a store.
What I'd like to know is the entire process in making/getting lolita clothes for selling in your own brand (plus any average costs or fees, such as shipping fees if they're made abroad etc, if that isn't too personal).
Also, any info I might need to know on running a shop and/or brand would be very useful please!
Thank you very much in advance :D
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