May 31st, 2009


how do you pay for your lolita?

checked the memories and used the search function, but please delete if redundant ^0^;

I was thinking about this the other day in correlation to hunting for a second job: what do you do to get your lolita? anything from working to using ridiculously tragic stories about your classmates to pawn money off your "loser of a father" I would imagine ^0^

where is the line drawn for things you will not do to get lolita?

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Fanime Fashion Show Pics & Videos

Thank you so much to everyone that was involved in the lolita fashion show/panel at Fanime this year. I really appreciate everyone and all the hard work they put into making the event a success. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera of my own so I was wondering if anyone else has any pictures?

Here's some good ones I've found so far:

Sucrose from the Fanime forums posted some great close ups-

mint_cake's husband took tons of awesome pictures-

I'd like to apologize in advance for sounding so terribly nervous and saying "umm" and "uh" about a million times. ;) We were lucky enough to have the entire fashion show portion of the panel recorded-
Part 1-
Part 2-

Let dark hearts come!

Alright, I'm in need of some serious inspiration and typing in "gothic lolita" in the egl search is like typing boobs in google, you're going to get a million hits. So I decided to go to my fellow lolitas who know the best! I'm looking for gothic gothic lolita inspirations, pictures of your favorite, darkest, most macabre, sombre, haunting, goth gothiest picture that you have. Collapse )

Kai Monster



The Daily Frill is now OPEN for submissions.

However we have a few rules and regulations...
1. Spell check please, no net speak / aim speak
3. All photos you submit MUST belong to YOU.
4. Anything you submit cannot be posted anywhere else, not to daily lolita, not to egl, not to your lj, or your own blog. This goes for text as well as photos. It can't have been submitted to any other related online publication, because of copyrights and conflict of interest.
5. NO personal attacks. Everything submitted is read by the staff of 9 girls, we will notice if you try to slip a personal attack in.
6. Only submit articles related to the content of the blog - use common sense, if its something unrelated, we don't care about it, and therefore will not publish it.
7. In the event your submission is denied, you will be notified with a reason and we will destroy our copy of it and you are free to publish it elsewhere.
8. For the Ask a Lolita section; you are free to submit Questions only. The entire staff will be choosing someone to be the 'lolita'. She will not be publicly disclosed and will remain anon for as long as she takes the role. If she comes out to the public as the 'lolita', She will be replaced.
9. Plagiarism = bad, if something is submitted that has evidence of being plagiarized , you will be perma-banned from making submissions.
10. if you submit something that you got permission to use, you have to submit written permission from the original owner.
11. If you are submitting a video, it must be uploaded to youtube first. do not disable embedding.

EVERYTHING must be submitted in TWO WEEKS, in order to be considered for the 'opening edition'.

What we are currently looking for.

1. Submissions for Lolita FML see : *will be anon*
2. Questions for 'Ask a Lolita'
3. Jewelry DIY
4. Short one-shot comics
5. Art
6. Reviews / please be as detailed as possible.
7. Event reports
8. Just about anything on "

If what you write is currently being covered by another person you will be informed, In the Byline please put your LJ name as well as your real name. NO fake names please. If you are uncomfortable with your full real name, just put your first name.

Please send all submissions to :

*edit : Please when emailing us submissions, have photos unedited in large size, do not embedd photos into a .doc file keep them as jpg or gifs.
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About Wonder Party skirts

I've been looking into AP's wonder party skirts lately, and found two versions of them. Are there supposd to be two different versions? I don't remember seeing stock images of the three-layered on before. Were both of these released at the same time?

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Answered, thank you!
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Metamorphose sizing question

I hope this hasn't been asked a million times before, I tried searching but I couldn't find anything on it, maybe I didn't use the right words.. so sorry if this has been asked already!

I've been looking for a nice blouse for a while now, and Metamorphose seems to have one I really like. However the sizes listed are too big for me, and I was wondering. Are the measurements stated for their blouses the maximum or minimum measurements?

Thanks :)