May 30th, 2009

Jenny and Vastra_Beloved

Question about skirt types...

Does the type of waist seen on this skirt have a name?  I've seen it a few times and love the way it looks but I've never seen anyone name the style, if it even has a name.

Also, anyone who owns one in a similar style, is it uncomfortable?  And does it work with slightly flabby tummies to hold them in, or against them by just pushing everything up and giving you a muffin top (or worse, clinging and highlighting your rolls)?

I've searched the archives here but can't find anything particularly relevant... :/

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Emily Temple Cute

I really like the brand Emily Temple Cute, but there seems no possible way of knowing what items they have in stock.
They don't have a webstore (to my knowledge), and their blog doesn't seem to be that helpful either.
I was wondering if anyone knew a way of knowing wtf they are selling? xD Maybe someone keeps an accurate blog of the items, or a company webstore sells a lot of thier stuff.

And does anyone know if they will have a webstore at some point in the future? It seems strange that small indie brands sell online, but ETC seems to be impossible to buy from unless you use yahoo Japan or an instore shopping service  (in which case, you can't tell them what you want to buy as you don't know what they are selling! lol) :S
me and popiah

Review on rose melody dresses

First buy on Taobao, rose melody dresses catches my eye. Its style suited me perfectly, cute and elegant. And from the photos shown, the workmanship is as good as any other brand dresses. Plus quality material is used. All those for the price at least one third of brand dresses is so value for money.

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few questions

hello ladies!
i am actually quite new to the whole lolita stuff, i've loved it for a long time so it's not like i just jumped in and am totally clueless...still learning though for sure ;]
  • are there an loli's in Georgia?
and if so, will you be at Dragon*Con or AWA?

this will be my 4th year in a row going to D*C and would love to meet up with other lolitas!

  • to anyone that's bought from Bodyline, how well did it fit and look in person once you got it?
i am super interested in their stuff since it's so very reasonably priced, where are your fav places to shop for loli stuff?

thanks pretty girls!