May 29th, 2009

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Opinion on Tartan JSK & footwear & slight pic request

Hello everyone,

I'm thinking of wearing an outfit heavily based off Momoko's "Tartan" outfit from Shimotsuma Monogatari.

Incidentally, would anyone happen to have any screenshots of this outfit?
-_- I checked the memories and google and couldn't find anything...

Which also brings me to the next question-

When you girls wear a Tartan-printed JSK, do you prefer to wear shoes & socks or just a pretty pair of boots?

^_^ Thanks for any input or opinions! ♥

Kira Imai (A question of all questions)

  Hello! My curious mind seems to wander at times....

But.... Does anyone know what Kira Imai looks like? I really love her illustrations. <3 She is one reason why I continue to draw and paint.

For those you know who don't know who she is: 
 Kira Imai is a Japanese illustrator. She provides illustrations for the Lolita brand "Angelic Pretty". Her artwork can also been found in a mook called Gothic Lolita Bible.

For more information, please visit her blog:

Thanks for reading!