May 28th, 2009


Headbow Organization?

 Ok, so I have a fairly odd question for all of you (but hopefully not a stupid one).

Being a sweet lolita, I have collected a fair amount of headbows. But my problem is, what is the best way to store/organize them? (The kind on a headband, not ribbon.) I seem to remember from the closet meme awhile back, a couple girls stored them in their own dresser drawer or a separate contain on a closet shelf. I dont quite have the room in my dresser for them, plus it would seem to me that storing them like that might crush the tips of the bows a little? 

So what is everyone else's method? Or if you use a drawer/container, are the bows in fact fine this way?
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La Carmina is not a Lolita Expert

A little egl disclaimer: I wrote this short essay to my personal LJ first, so some of you have seen it. I did it to ask mod permission before posting it here, because it's a hot-button issue. (And thanks again for lett

This essay is meant to be informational with the target audience of people new to Lolita, but I'm aware it is still opinionated. However, I feel most Lolitas share the same opinion, particularly to those who believe Lolita is "more than a fashion" and who want it to be portrayed accurately.

This essay, while negative, is not meant to be offensive or wanky. If you feel like saying something lulzy or rude, please do so in my LJ post. (I don't screen or delete, fo feel free to express yourself.)

Please do not go spam La Carmina in response. It doesn't help the cause, and doesn't work anyway.

Thanks again, egl_mods, for letting me post this.

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EDIT: Note that I am indeed making corrections to things that need fixing up.
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Comic: Lost Tales 1

Ooooookaaay, here's a new comic. I am so sorry for trailing off with the last comic I posted; I lost the files on a thumb drive for a few months and when I found it again, I was too busy to work on it and then forgot all about it. I will finish that up sometime, promise!

This one is actually part of a series of comics I had sketched out called "Lost Tales", which are all more or less drawn with lots of lolita/ariso fashion. The idea behind them was just that there were fairy tales that weren't passed on because they didn't really teach a good lesson or moral at all.

I condensed this 12 page comic into 4 HUGE pages to submit to the GLB but I got pocket-rejected (well, it wasn't really well-made after all xD) so I think it's fine to post this here now xD

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Bike Naked!

When to wear lolita?

Just curious, but what decides whether you'll wear lolita on a given day? I've noticed I tend to wear it more at larger social gatherings, but not always. And on days that I feel like crap, I try to make myself dress nicer, even if I'm not in lolita, as it tends to be a pick-me-up to know I look good.

I would probably wear lolita more often if, well, I owned more of it! But I probably still wouldn't wear it every day, I enjoy lots of other kinds of clothes.

So, how you decide what days to wear your lolita?

YesStyle Finds!

I even uploaded photos to my Photobucket so that you don't have to click on every link. See how much I love you guys? XD

(Click on the picture to go to the YesStyle page. Some of these come in different colors, so check them out!)

First up: an adorable quilted bag...
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Lolita Vocabulary

 Do you ever find yourself using Lolita terms in everyday life? I'm finding I do it more and more frequently these days! I've gotten in the habit of referring to t-shirts as "cutsews" or dresses as "one-pieces", and just the other day I referred to the non-Kraft macaroni-and-cheese as "offbrand".

I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this! In what ways do you inadvertently insert Lolita vocabulary into your everday life?
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Problems with BODYLINE

Hello ,
I post this 3 months back to egl_group_order/- 

---------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
please could you give me advice..?
I ordered in Bodyline 26 .12.2008,pay all the things that we ordered, and bodyline send us the package.. or DHL call us about taxation ,we just rejected the package upon text in Bodyline web-sides

-(According to statistics, there are 5% package will be required to pay tax and submit IDS and SSN # by US custom or other identification number by custom in other countries. If you are urgent, you can pay it. If you are not urgent, reject the package please. The package will return us. We will send it again, the round delivery fee and redelivery fee will be paid by BODYLINE. You will not pay any extra fee. We only resent once. After that you should pay tax).-
..But.. to this day we don´t have new information about our order.. And Bodyline don´t answer to our e-mails..
Does anybody has simillar problem?   
---------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Anybody give me advice to write e-mail for Mr.Kentaro Sone from DHL.I write him,and he answered us this..
"BODYLINE told me that half of your order was out of stock and they have no plan to re-stock.
If you do not mind, please re-select items with same value and ask BODYLINE to send it as re-placement. " 
Then we are re-select new items and ask this Bodyline..But bodyline ask this..
"We can understand. And we are confirming this with Mr.Kentaro Sone. Please wait for a few days." 
But today is few days 20 days!! and when I write bodyline they either answer "No updating until now." or do not reply nothing! 
We are waiting for our order again half year becouse Bodyline  isn't able resolve this !!! 
Please could you give me more advice..? Or doesn't know andybody some way how solve this..??? 
Thank you all very much for your reguests.
PS:And..I´am sorry but my English isn´t good..
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