May 27th, 2009

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I don't know if this will be really of use ot many, but I thought these were a fantastic idea!
Its a website that sells soap/candle molds and they have the cutest cupcakes!
I thought these would make a fantastic gift between lolis or decorations at meet ups.
Bakery inspired moulds

Hm...Which Dress is Better?

Hello, everyone! Sorry to be a bother, but I was wondering everyone's opinion! See, I really like Guro-Lolita/Broken-Lolita so I was hoping to make an outfit. Right now my problem is indecision on the sort of dress I'd like to make it. I'll be splattering it with blood (here are my references fr that in case that helps a decision: 1 and 2) I was thinking one like this, but with regular ruffles.
(That picture is from this lovely photoshoot, in case you're interested) 

Or is that to plain? Plus it's a JSK, I wouldn't be splatterng the blouse because I lurve it too much. Halp, please, if you feel inclined to! Thank you very, very much to anyone who lends me an opinion!

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Non-Lolita Style: jeans and shirts ^_^; usually bright or pink stuff

Occupation: Graphic design student
On the Weekend: being lazy with the bf : D gaming
Hobbies: BJDs, FFXI, illustration

Favorite Japanese Brand: baby, the stars shine bright
Favorite Colors: pink, red, sax blue
Favorite Movies/Shows: Battlestar Galactica, GitS:SAC, Sailor Moon
Favorite Musicians: Bear McGreary, Yoko Kanno, FFXI and FFXII soundtracks
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Non-Lolita Style: Black Peace Now, gothic, black.

Occupation: Freelance translator
On the Weekend: Making art, partying with friends
Hobbies: Visual Kei, Kimono, Sewing

Favorite Japanese Brand: Angelic Pretty
Favorite Colors: Sax blue, black.
Favorite Movies/Shows: The Matrix, Zatoichi, Constantine
Favorite Musicians: Dir en grey, Malice Mizer, Deadman, Awoi, Suicide Ali
Favorite Books: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Detroit Metal City, Otomen
Favorite Foods: Lasagne, most Japanese food, avocado, beetroot
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Name: Karaya (Kah-rye-ah)
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Years in Lolita: It's getting close to a decade... ^^'
Lolita Style: Gothic, Steampunk, Pirate & Punk. Pretty much, it's just a matter of my clothes being black. XD;
Non-Lolita Style: I've been told it's casual and cute with a modern-glam twist? My clothes usually don't amaze people, but it's the whole picture that gets the comments. Also, I get decked out for rocking at the goth club pretty much weekly. ;p

Occupation: Fashion Merchandising in progress. ^^' I left an assistant job at Megan Maude and am debating whether or not college is the thing for me. Meanwhile I'm looking for ways to carve out my perfect niche.
On the Weekend: Clubbing or Working on the latest sewing project.
Hobbies: Researching (historical) trends and styles, Sewing, Traveling & Dancing.

Favorite Japanese Brand: Gotta be Baby. They've done so much!
Favorite Colors: Black & Blue. Usually in that order. ^_^'
Favorite Movies/Shows: Labyrinth, Jekyll, Torchwood & The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982).
Favorite Musicians: Infected Mushroom, Muse, Poe, Cake, Fiona Apple, DeVotcKa & Squirrel Nut Zippers.
Favorite Books: Shimotsuma Monogatari by Novala Takemoto, The Diaries of the Family Dracul by Jeanne Kalogridis & The Blooding by Particia Windsor.
Favorite Foods: Flourless chocolate cake, Filet mignon, Interesting salads & Pasta.
Coffee or Tea?: Coffee wins whenever it's almost dawn and that dress still isn't done (you know, the one you HAVE to wear to the meetup later on that morning). Otherwise, tea is just so captivating; it really is an art.
Moderator since 2004

Username: seeinglife
Name: Christine
Birthday: 1/29
Height: 60"

Location: Savannah, GA
Email: inthecorridors at gmail dot com

Years in Lolita: I remember the dark ages before the egl comm had moderators at all
Lolita Style: not Angelic Pretty :P
Non-Lolita Style: ex-Goth discovering colors

Occupation: studying fashion at SCAD
On the Weekend: Homework ;_;
Hobbies: RPGs, cooking, hand painting and dyeing fabrics, gardening

Favorite Japanese Brand: If only I could fit MM, VM, J+J...
Favorite Colors: Cream, plum, black, earth and jewel tones
Favorite Movies/Shows: Star Wars original trilogy *pretends the prequels didn't happen*
Favorite Musicians: Classic rock and rock-orchestra pairings among my favorite
Favorite Books: Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, Ways of Seeing by John Berger, the Thrawn trilogy and Hand of Thrawn duology by Timothy Zahn
Favorite Foods: Potstickers, coconut carrot curry soup, homemade bread, my boyfriend's amazing chicken wings, cookie dough, popcorn with real butter...
Coffee or Tea?: Hibiscus flower and rose hip tea, please.
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Username: emiko
Name: Jessica
Birthday: January 19 1983
Height: 5'3"

Location: Marietta, Georgia
AIM: emiko hamustar
Email: emiko42*@*

Years in Lolita: 6
Lolita Style: Mixed and Varied - Gothic, Punk, Classic...
Non-Lolita Style: Lazy Goth

Occupation: Freelance work in a variety of areas, mostly web design, development, and quality assurance.
On the Weekend: Hanging out with friends, partying
Hobbies: sewing, baking, video games, art (fractals)

Favorite Japanese Brand: Victorian Maiden, or BTSSB
Favorite Colors: red, black, purple, cream
Favorite Movies/Shows: CSI, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sailormoon, Venture Brothers, Fifth Element, Pulp Fiction, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, Howl's Moving Castle, Dangerous Liaisons
Favorite Musicians: Smashing Pumpkins, Sarah Brightman, Depeche Mode, Lamb, Buck Tick, Gorillaz, Sneaker Pimps, Enya, Orbital, Tool
Favorite Books: Hyperion, Plague Dogs, Babel-17, The Dark Towers series, Jurassic Park, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Favorite Foods: Cheeseburgers, peanut butter cookies, Firefly Vodka
Coffee or Tea?: Sweet tea, please <3
Moderator since 2009

Username: ro_ren
Name: Lauran
Birthday: 11/13
Height: 5'4" (162cm)

Location: Los Angeles, CA
AIM: Elly8219

Years in Lolita: 7 years (since 2002)
Lolita Style: All styles, but predominantly Gothic or Sweet. I don't wear Classic or Country much anymore.
Non-Lolita Style: Algonquins, MILK, Vivienne Westwood, and H&M casual styles.
Although I'm totally guilty of wearing tracksuits on lazy days.

Occupation: VP of a family run business.
On the Weekend: Margaritas and Dancing!
Hobbies: Translating, Video Games, Fashion, and Friends.

Favorite Japanese Brand: Angelic Pretty
Favorite Colors: Black, Purple, Gold (which are oddly my high school colors)
Favorite Movies/Shows: Flight of the Conchords, Good Eats, Robot Chicken, Fifth Element, etc.
Favorite Musicians: IAMX, Madonna, Buck-Tick
Favorite Books: Jane Austin Books
Favorite Foods: Tacos, Grilled Salmon
Coffee or Tea?: Tea (mint tea <3)
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Username: nessaneko
Name: Vanessa
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Height: 165cm/5'5"

Location: New Zealand
AIM: nessaneko (I don't always use AIM since I find it distracting, but whenever I'm online, I'll be reachable through gmail chat on my gmail below)

Years in Lolita: 3.5
Lolita Style: Sweet
Non-Lolita Style: Cute 50s-inspired streetwear and pretty pop-colour things

Occupation: Law/BA student
On the Weekend: Studying, sewing, inhabiting my house with my best friend and fiance, cooking delicious things
Hobbies: Sewing, cooking, reading

Favorite Japanese Brand: Baby the Stars Shine Bright/Angelic Pretty when they're not being all neon cupcake
Favorite Colors: pink, mint green, sax blue
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Favorite Books: All Terry Pratchett ever, The Scar by China Mieville, Pattern Recognition by William Gibson, Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, the Abhorsen series by Garth Nix, most everything written by Haruki Murakami.
Favorite Foods: This would be a long list if I included everything. Cheese, strawberries, steak, pasta, gyoza, avocado, cherries, roast chicken. And gelato. Nom.
Coffee or Tea?: Both! I prefer tea for general drinking (especially Earl Grey or Lady Grey, or a good cup of genmaicha) but I start the morning with coffee.
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Username: jolie-laide
Name: Twinkle
Birthday: September 22
Height: 170 cm

Location: Dallas, Texas
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Years in Lolita: 7 (since 2002)
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Non-Lolita Style: Vintage casual

Occupation: Geotechnical assistant
On the Weekend: Vintage hunter and foodie
Hobbies: Cooking, decorating, scouring flea markets and vintage shops, reading, writing, amateur photography, styling

Favorite Japanese Brand: Metamorphose and Innocent World; non-lolita would be Hysteric Glamour and Tsumori Chisato
Favorite Colors: Green, Yellow, Red
Favorite Movies/Shows: Good Night and Good Luck, The Diving Bell & Butterfly, Big Fish, Eat Drink Man Woman, Persepolis, Gladiator, any Harryhausen flicks / Battlestar Galactica (new), Arrested Development, Mad Men, Peep Show, Band of Brothers, No Reservations, Top Chef, The Office (BBC)
Favorite Musicians: The Beatles, Wolf Parade, Spoon, Mastodon, The Bronx, Feist, Broken Social Scene, Sebastien Grainger, Death From Above 1979, Françoise Hardy, and slowly getting into Led Zeppelin
Favorite Books: His Dark Materials trilogy, Atonement, Greek mythology, Harry Potter series, The Omnivore's Dilemma, cookbooks (no lie)
Favorite Foods: Vietnamese food
Coffee or tea: Green or jasmine tea

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Years in Lolita: 7-8? Can't quite remember. :D
Lolita Style: Classic and sometimes gothic.
Non-Lolita Style: Tomboyish, I guess. :D

Occupation: Student (art historian in training!) and sales associate at Goorin Brothers! ^_^
On the Weekend: Working, sleeping, hanging out with ze boyfriend...
Hobbies: Playing guitar, singing, crafting, recently into painting D&D minis, anime whatnots, looking at all kinds of art.

Favorite Japanese Brand: Mary Magdalene, Victorian maiden, Metamorphose... :]
Favorite Colors: Black, burgundy, olive green.
Favorite Movies/Shows: Jurassic Park, Grave of the Fireflies, PERFECT BLUE, Are You Being Served?, I Love Lucy, and I've been into LOST a lot lately. :D
Favorite Musicians: The big four are The Beatles, Metallica, The Mars Volta and Ayumi Hamasaki. Notable mentions include CocoRosie, Billie Holiday, Radiohead, Ladytron, The Faint, The Grouch, Soilwork, Ike & Tina Turner, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Handsome Boy Modeling School, etc. etc...
Favorite Books: The Dark Half by Stephen King, Oracle Bones by Peter Hessler, tons of art history shizz.
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Favorite Japanese Brand: Kikirarashoten / Emily Temple Cute
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Helped, Thanks Everyone!

21 days ago I received stock confirmation and paid for a Sweet Jam skirt and socks. I have not, however, received any further contact. I messaged them via the message board a bit over a week ago asking what was going on and haven't heard anything. I know AP isn't he best for communication and speed but almost a month seems like a long time to send something out.

Does anyone have the same problem/any updates?
zwei gothic lolita

15th Lolita Meetup in Frankfurt, Germany

On the 2nd of May we had our 15th Meetup here in Frankfurt.

Actually the Meetup wasn't really in Frankfurt but in Darmstadt - a town near Frankfurt. We visited an old garden full of roses and after that we went to a café.

(sorry, my lj-cut got TOTALLY messed up when I made this post the first time... so here is the second try...)

Collapse )

Help with Underskirt

I've been dressing classic lolita for a while now but I'm still having major petti problems. DX

The petti I have at the moment isn't very poofy at all and ,looking at it front on, it's so flat it kinda depresses me but even with this shallow poof, my butt look huge! Like absolutly massive!  *_*

I think this is so bad because I have a small waist yet the size it's making my butt look is actually making me stop wearing some of my dresses especially my A-line ones. I've tried wearing the petti on my waist, but then it can't keep it's shape too good. 

Does anyone have any tips or know any good pettcoats minimize the problem? Thank you! ^^ I'll put this under a cut if it's eating your friends page. 
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Animenext 2009 Meetup?

Hello, ladies!

I was wondering if anyone here was going to Animenext, and, if so, would like to have a Lolita meetup picnic sort of thing.

Possibly Friday night or Saturday? We can have a little picnic or a tea party or something! ^.^

And if so, when would be best for you?

Animenext is going to be at the Garden State Exhibit Center and the Doubletree Somerset Hotel in Somerset New Jersey from June 12-14.

If enough of you reply, we'll discuss setting something up.

Delete this if it's too off-topic. >.<

How do I tie the perfect bow?

No mater how many times I tie my waist ties (or somebody elses) they all ways look perfectly nice but the never stay straight. So thing goes for bows on blouses. The tie looks beautiful but again it never stays straight so it always ends up looking wonky. Does any one happen to have a bow tieing tutorial of some sort ?

Thank you <3
Blasphemina - Pub Crawl Sexeh

Victorian Picnic at Sogencon 2009

Sogencon - Elegant Wonderland Victorian Picnic

August 7 - 9, 2009
Sheraton Sioux Falls & Convention Center
1211 West Avenue North. Sioux Falls, SD 57104,

Click here to register on the Sogencon site
Click for rules since they didn't upload it correctly on the con site

I know some of you are looking for stuff to do this summer so I wanted to post this for you :) I'm running a picnic at Sogencon, similar so the tea I did at Kakkoi|con last year, but a little more casual, outside and a bit less hard on the wallet. The same etiquette list is up from the KC event so it'll be really easy to follow. I'm going to do three panels, too so it should be a really fun time. It's nice because it's a fairly small con so we can pretty much take over with our ruffly butts :)

I hope some of you outside the midwest can make it. Let's have a good time!