May 26th, 2009

Kai Monster

Staff for The Daily Frill.

So as per the poll, we have selected a name for the new Lolita Blog, whih will be "The Daily Frill". The website has been created *link wise*, and we are currently working on design, colors, and the main banner.

I'm here to welcome our new mods to the team. *we are currently not looking for any more mods*

Admins talia_speaks kai_nimura
Mods ieatedyourcooki celticfreefall silver_youko ugly_kitties laviefantasque amanikitty akuneko42

Please keep in mind the Job of the admins and mods will be overall site upkeep, stopping/breaking up drama/wank, banning trolls and troublemakers *as well as spammers and failminia* , comment moderation, Reading, grammar checking all articles / reviews with the other mods and admins, before they are published.

We will not be the ones writing every article / review, We listed some of our ideas for topics covered - subsections over at our group. This is what we have come up with.

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ME Smart

Colossalcon 09

I posted a while back about possible lolita panels at collossalcon in sandusky ohio next week-
Unfortunately school happened and i never got around to submitting my forms until after the deadlined closed.

I'd still like to arrange a meetup at the con, so this is a heads-up and head-count
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  • lozpie

Advice on Mary Magdalene order

Hello, I'm hoping someone might be able to offer some advice, I made an order with mary magdalene on the 11th of march, I ordered this dress:

The website said it should be ready in May, but I've yet to recieve any emails or any information about my order since I paid for it. I'm not sure if I should email them and ask for an update, or just wait? Anyone who's ordered from them before who can offer any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. I'd especially like to know if I should expect an email notification once it's been shipped?

Many thanks!

(I searched previous entries)

Edit: Spooky! I just got an email off them (28th May) saying it's been shipped! Thanks for your help everyone. :)
  • kyomu

Searching for fake flowers?

I have searched for fake flowers similar to those used in classic lolita hairpieces for ages. Like these from Victorian Maiden. I have never been able to find something close to that quality. All of the flowers I have come across were either intended for floral arrangements or of very bad quality. I know some of you make lovely floral accessories and was hoping you would be willing to share your sources! Thank you.
  • pomeh

Bodyline Contest Halp D:>

So i'm trying to fill in the form, and I keep on getting a notice saying "Internal Server Error 505" or something like that.
It's the 3rd day i've tried and it still isn't working =\
I checked the page, and I can't contact Bodyline about this. And I see that people are still able to upload their pictures D:
I tried sending it to another email of mine and it says that I need to clear my cookies (yum) which I did and it is still giving me that notice.
I really wanna enter but how do I do so? Is anyone else experiencing my troubles DD: ?
2of a Kind

Hair Tutorial

So the other day I got this adorable hat...and..uh...
couldnt figure out what the heck to do with it lol
the_rose_prince suggested i put my hair to the side in curls.
>_> i fail at curls .... but i love myself some fake hair!
So here is a small not so great tutorial for doing a fake braid
while wearing a fancy hat. If you have any questions just
let me know! I hope its helpful to someone. ^_^

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catreece wings

egl_comm_art - contests and voting!

Greetings from one of the mods over at egl_comm_art!
We advertised on egl when the art community was first created just less than a month ago. We're a community based around Lolita artwork, a friendly place to post your work and get helpful critiques (or if you just want to share artwork you did without fear of being torn apart by the non-art community ;)). In addition to being a great place to show off your mad art skillz and ask for help and suggestions, one of the things that we're doing to keep the community active is having art contests! We've two different kinds right now:

Monthly theme contests! - Each month is given a different theme (announced before the start of said month). For instance, May's theme is Summertime! Artists have until a week before the end of said month to complete and post a piece of their own creation based on that theme. The winner of the theme contest will get their name and piece featured in the layout of the community for one month (until the following month's winner is chosen, and it carries on this way). To keep competition fair, the same person may not win consecutive months (we may extend the period between wins if the same people end up winning every other month, just to give everyone a chance). More info about the monthly theme contests can be found here.
May's theme contest is currently over, but the voting just started yesterday! Please go vote for May's winner! The voting for this contest will go until June 2nd (we started a little late this time ^^*), and June's theme will be announced before June 1st. June's theme has been announced! The theme for June is "Fanart"! Please see here for details!

Art contests for prizes! - These are contests set to a specific theme (separate from the monthly theme), where you can win tangible prizes! The current contest is to create a piece of artwork to use as the profile picture for the community and an accompanying icon, using art as the theme. The prizes for this contest are:
- Three (3) month minimum feature in the icon and profile of the community.
- One (1) lineart commission from wonderfinch
- One (1) Brown x White Heart-Topped Jumperskirt from Bodyline (an alternate prize can be arranged if the winner does not wish to give out their mailing address)
This contest is currently accepting submissions until June 8th! The rules for this contest are here. For future contests, we're welcoming donations for prizes! Please contact either myself or wonderfinch if you have a Lolita item you'd like to donate for a future prize.

You must be a member in order to enter any of the contests (obviously). If you're interested in becoming a member, please see our community rules here.
You don't need to be a member to vote though, so I encourage everyone to go vote! ;)

Note! egl_comm_art is in no way affiliated with egl!
missmeganmaude was consulted before making this post. Per her suggestion, we will make a post here at the start of each contest and voting period.
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I was wondering if there is anyone that plays Secondlife?
I have been playing for a while and I came across lots stores that sale lolita outfits and even a small mall.
If you already play, these are some of the locations :
Gothic Lolita paradise-, Akiba (217, 11, 21)
Victorianna 's Boutique: Royal D, Hogback (32, 190, 108)
I wanted to share some of the outfits i have.

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Help !!

Big question girls. I'm planning on having lolita dresses (one in black and one in white) for me and my partner's civil ceramony this October and I need to know a reliable company to buy from. I live in the UK and I'm on a £300 budget for dresses all together. I've looked in the memories but I'm not sure. I'm a little nervous about buying online so I'm looking to you all for a little reassurance :) Thank you in advance.


On a seperate note I was wondering what you all thought about the sizing on F+F non-custom items. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I looked in the memories and couldn't find a definative answer . I'm a UK size 16 and I'm worried anything I bought could be too small.

Thank you for your time everyone .

Hugs and cupcakes for all.