May 23rd, 2009

Witch Pheobe

First post on EGL :D

 Alright lovely lolitas of EGL would you mind answering some questions for me, please?

Alright so here's my problem::

I absolutely adore Classic Lolita and EGA but I fear that I am too tall for them at 5'8".
I also would love to dress boystyle but sadly my bust is a bit big for that ^_^;;;
I'll be getting extensions over the summer that will be about 18 inches so they suit Classic lolita more
And to top it  all off I have a caramel skin tone color so I'm not exactly sure which style would suit me best.

Here's a picture of me if you guys are curious::
-coughs- Sorry it was the best picture I could find. It was my Easter Sunday outfit >>;;

So my question is::
Do you think I'll look better in Classic lolita and EGA or Boystyle?
Could I still pull of boystyle with my long extensions and my new lip piercing? x]

I just want to know because, well, I'm new to this whole Lolita scene and my mom has agreed to buy me my first outfit.
Any suggestions? 

Thank you so much for all of your responses. If I don't comment back to you then this is just a little thank you note for helping me out. ^.^ <333

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Free lolita patterns

I just recently graduated college, and since I am bored at home looking for a job I decided I am going to draft up some easy patterns suitable for lolita. The best way I think to do this is to find out the most common size of lolitas in this community and from there make grade a pattern for one size below, and one size above that, along with a tutorial on how to grade (or alter the size of) the patterns. They'll come with easy instructions (illustrated) and will be printable on most printers/computers.

So if you could kindly help by posting your size based on this chart, I'd really appreciate it. I know for most of you it won't be exact, but this is what the set of basic slopers is based off of. Also I am not able to make a post with a poll unfortunately, but if you'd like a more anonymous submission, feel free to PM me instead of commenting here. If you are smaller or larger than this you will have to simply grade it yourself, I don't own slopers beyond these sizes and I don't really want to make anymore right now.

Sizes: Bust | Waist | Hip
4: 33½ | 25½ | 36
6: 34½ | 26½ | 37
8: 35½ | 27½ | 38
10: 36½ | 28½ | 39
12: 38 | 30 | 40½

The patterns I would like to include are a basic A-line or flared jsk with princess seams and optional collar, high waisted gathered skirt with corset back, A simple button up and side zip blouse that include 3 types of sleeves and 3 types of collars. I'll add more if I complete these quick enough, and well enough.

All that I'll ask is that nobody uses these patterns for profit, even as a base. Creating patterns is very time consuming, even basic ones.