May 21st, 2009



I thought i would share. has this been shared before? sorry! i thought i would share again.
i dont know if you can get some kind of service to ship this sort of stuff to you, or if they ship overseas (im assuming they dont without even checking), but it is just so amazing to look at anyhow. ITS TOO WONDERFUL 。・゚・(ノД`)­・゚・。


Disneyland & Downtown Disney Meet Up?

Id really like the meet up to be one evening possibly! Maybe around 5ish-whenever? It’s my Dad’s first time to Disneyland, so id like to spend as much time with him as possible! But I’m sure he can let me go for one night while he has dinner with my evil stepmother.

 Maybe we could go explore Disneyland and catch some rides with the girls that can meet us their, and then go get a snack or some dinner in Downtown Disney with the other girls that couldn’t meet us at the park? That way we have a chance to all meet up!?

 Here are a few places that I have linked the menu’s too, if you were interested in dinner or snacks? I’ll pretty much eat any place though!

Napolini lini.htm

La Brea Bakery Express tm

 So we need a Meet up place for the girls that are going to be in the park, and a meet up spot that we can meet the other girls in downtown Disney!

If we could do the evening of the 27th that would be awesome! If not, I am open for the evening of the 26th as well! Which ever day and time is best for most people. Annual Pass holders! I too have a Annual Pass, and these days are not blocked out!

 Please Post what evening would be best for you (the 26th or 27th) Time, and if your able to meet me at Disneyland or Downtown Disney!

 Thank you girls! I hope I get to meet most of you!
 -Song Ja

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First 'proper' Lolita Dress:

After some high drama, I finally tracked down my package, when I went back to the post office for a third time and told them to look for a pink bag - so thanks to the person who told me that that was what Metamorphose packages came in!  ^_^

The confusion turned out to have been caused by the fact that firstly it had been filed in the wrong place, and secondly that someone had already signed it out as 'delivered'. I was like 'whatever - hand me the very expensive parcel.' And they did.

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Rosechocolat new order system

Hello all!

I have a small question regarding Rosechocolat's new ordering system.

Their new steps for ordering are these:

Step 1> Order item.
Step 2> Confirm E-mail
Step 3> Bill from Rosechocolat
Step 4> Payment by paypal or bank
Step 5> Delivery.

& I'm unsure what they mean by 'confirm email.' I have received an email from them but there's nowhere to click on it to confirm...? Or does confirm email just mean they send me the email?

Sorry for the dumb question & thanks for any help! ♥