May 19th, 2009

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AatP polo shirt - measurements?

I was just wondering - has anyone actually tried on the new Alice and the Pirates embroidered polo shirt? If so, how firm is that 76cm bust measurement? True facts? Vicious lies? Room to work with?

T_T I've wanted a shirt like that for so long for my loli gear, and I'm very sad that it seems too small in the bust to work for me. But I've known Baby to be a lying frilly snake before. So, anyone actually tried it on? I'd like to hear your feedback on the bust fit :x
lost in time, tardis

Awesome VM inspired Boots

Okay, so a friend just posted these boots she just ordered, and as I've been on the lookout for a similar pair I thought I'd share them with you guys that are into more historically inspired lolita. The best part?  They come in Black, Red or, PURPLE! XD  They remind me of a more lolita version of the T.U.K. shoes that were rather popular a while back.   I'm ordering them in red and mayyybe black when I get home in a size US9, so I'll update with a review when I get them.
Also: FREE U.S Shipping on a $35 purchase at Goodgoth through May 31 when you use promo code 555 at checkout.  International customers, save $10 on shipping when you use promo code 45558
EU lolitas can also get them here in purple and red:
or here in all colors, I think?

Reserving from BtSSB

I'll make this short and sweet so I won't take up much of your time.

Anyway, I was wondering if it is possible to make online reservations from Baby, but instead of paying for your dress a few days after making the reservation and having it sent to you, is it possible to pick up your dress in-store and pay for it when you are picking it up?

Thank you for reading. :)

malice zombie

So I made my own lolli headband last night....

firts of all, Hello everyone I'm new. I've been very interested in the lolita style and manner for quite a while but only recently started dressing the part, that being said....

I bought a new dress a couple nights ago and wanted a headdress to go with, but I dont own one so I decided to make my own. it was at 11:30 at night and I didnt have the money or means to go buy some lace and my inspiration is fickle so I decided to go ahead and work with what I have

This was made with a bit of white ribbon, a black cloth headband and a razor. I cut vertical slits down the top of the band then wove the ribbon through. Then I took another peice of ribbon and cut it in two to make a bow on each side, then violia. Any thoughts, critisim?
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Hello everyone. I`m sure this is okay to post becausese I looked on the search engine and I couldn`t find want I needed. I recently ordered a couple of things from the gothic lolita store QutieLand. One thing in particular was a  white petticoat from them. I was just wondering, has anyone ordered a petticoat form QutieLand? How was the poof and frabric? Is it worth the money? Any reviews and feedback would be much appricated ^ ^
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