May 18th, 2009

Question about Loli Shoes fit?

forgive me if im doing this completely wrong, ive lurked on this site for months but never really posted-- and not sure how! feel free to delete if its wrong.... i was wondering, could anyone give me information on Bodyline, Ling Lam, AP/Baby or Montreal Shoes as to how wide they are? i have wide feet 4.25 inches across, size US 8. has anyone with wide feet found nice loli shoes? thanks everyone


Dear all
I have a package ems from Japan that is now stuck in customs for over a day. I know I am not supposed to be panicking yet- but I wonder if UK lolitas can share your experience- how long does it take to get an ems package out of customs? Is there any way you know to expedite this? (I am going away on holiday soon...)

Getting shorter and shorter...

How do you feel about lolita getting shorter?

I'm sure many of us have noticed how dresses and skirts seem to be getting shorter, most notably in the swet department.  Being a short girl, that was actually exciting to me becasue I normaly have to wear massive puff just to get a dress to be slightly below the knee. I am however a bit worried at this point. When I recieved CBB from AP I was so excited, threw it on and bounced around the house. Today however when I started coordinating it with other things I own I noticed this in the mirror

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