May 16th, 2009



Well it hasn't been posted yet so...I got this email from Bodyline;

Dear bodyline's customer
    3000 review breakthrough Memory Sale!
    SALE on all bodyline sites.
    End in 5/31(Sun.)
    Lot of new cosplay, separate, shoes and etc have been added!!
    Register's age of 8th Bodyline Models Contest has been extended to 13-22!!
    Videos of Nidia(7th Winner) will be uploaded soon.    

Woo, I better get buying. 

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Hello lolitas from Bs. Aires!

Hi girls, it's me again.

I just wanted to know how many lolitas are there in Buenos Aires, Argentina? I am going there in June 11th, and wanted to know if there were enough lolitas to organize a big meetup. :D 
I'm staying there until next Monday, so I guess we could meet on a Saturday?
I really hope I'm not too busy with ~*tourist activities*~; that's how my opportunity to visit the Brisbane lolis got ruined ;~; 

So, are there many? Too many? Only a few? Will there be any activities by the time I'm there? 

Any question or answer, email me~

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Thank you! / Gracias!

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Starry Candy Box Restock!!


Starry Candy Box has a bunch of new items; Cherry Berry Bunny OPs, JSKs, skirts, headbows, socks, the whole deal. So if you're a fan of the print, here's your chance... There's also a single lady rose OP in pink but with no accessories.

Alsoooo, miracle candy and sugary carnival socks are for sale in a few colors at awesome prices. Just thought I'd let you guys know :) Have a fabulous day.

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if this is inappropriate, please feel free to delete it, but i'm not sure where else to ask:

a lot of the time when i wear lolita (and even sometimes when i don't) people think i'm asian. people in chinatown have tried to speak to me in languages i don't speak because they were so convinced i was asian. i am not asian. i am an amalgamation of genes from many other pools, but i am not even 1% asian.

does this ever happen to you? does it weird you out? do you feel weirdly responsible in some way because you've appropriated something asian?

this has happened to me so often i'm starting to feel uncomfortable with wearing lolita.
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A Man In The Bodyline's Model Contest!

I was browsing trough the pictures of the participants in Bodyline's site and I saw there is also a man who wants to model for Bodyline in frilly dresses! I was quite surprised, but I have a feeling that Mr. Yan will be even more surprised :D The rules didn't say you have to be a girl, so I guess it's ok. And he doesn't look bad at all either. But is he seriously ready to wear dresses? And would Bodyline accept a "brolita" as their model? I think this is quite interesting that also men can participate to a contest that is generally considered as a contest for girls. Lolita is extremely feminine fashion after all. Mr. Yan's romantic dinner would turn out in a different way Mr. Yan originally planned if he'd happen to win!
I'm quite sure that Bodyline wont take a man model, but you never know!

Here is a link to the man participant's pictures