May 15th, 2009

Need help with a shopping service

Okay, so on Avant Gauche i found a online auction service called ok!shon, i was wondering if anyone else has used the service and how was it overall.

i used it to place a bid on yahoo japan actions for an AP skirt, on the 23rd of April, and its the 15th of May. T_T
i couldn't find a review so, HELP!

(If no one else has used it i might make a review for it once i receive my item)
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Feel free to discuss :)

So I have a question for you all...Collapse )

*disclaimer* This is not directed at anyone nor meant to offend/sound catty. I wrote this in hopes that some people would take my words into consideration before diving in head first.

EDIT: The first two paragraphs from this article are pretty much what I was trying to say, lol - click!