May 14th, 2009

Tea Party

Okay, so I'm having a Tea Party in Rochester New York at the end of June if anyone is interested in going. ^^ The whole thing has already been set up, and it's really simple.  There will be all sorts of goodies and treats. After the tea, we'll be watching an asian drama movie, and there will be these awesome little grab bags with yummies and some small Lolita accessories. But I won't say what's in them, because they will all be a little different! XD

It'll be held at La Tea Da's on the 27th of June at 3pm. The cost will be $22 a girl, and that includes everything. Tip, food, tea, all of it. So if you're interested, email me, and I'll send you an invitation with an RSVP card that you'll need to send back with the $22. You can send cash, a money order, or a cashier's check.

Please make sure to ask for an invitation at least a week and half before the party, and you because you'll need to have your RSVP card mailed back to me by the 20th of June (which is the Saturday before the Tea Party). This will help me to be able to plan everything the grab bags and such. ^^

Also, you can email me at:

Or through livejournal, myspace, facebook, or the My Sweet Lolita forum.

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Favourite Lolita Item?

(This is my first post here, I hope it's alright!)

I was wondering - do any of you have one favourite Lolita item, either an accessory or an item of clothing that would leave you devastated if lost/damaged/stolen?

I'd especially like to hear of anything that has a story attached to it, like the first thing you ever made, or that people have commented on etc. :)
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Alice in Wonderland Tumblr (Media Collection)

Not specifically loli, but since it does seem to be a running theme in the fashion, I just thought I'd link a Wonderland themed Tumblr (blog of images, screencaps, quotes, etc etc etc) that my friend pointed out to me.

It has tons of the Disney movie screencaps (useful for icon making, reference pics, you name it), quotes from the books/movie, the original book's illustrations, and other Alice themed artwork. Perhaps more, since I've only dug down a couple pages into it.

Feel free to remove if it's too off-topic. :3
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Would you be interested in yellow lolita shoes?

What if ... you could have YELLOW lolita shoes in the style of Angelic Pretty?
(Or any other style shoe, for that matter!)

Look no further, it can be possible!
Currently bringing up a dialogue with Secret Shop and Miranda Shoes
to make shoes in this lovely Spring and Summery colour. Edit: I must clarify that I am not Secret Shop, only a person that is making requests to them as well. I organized an order of lilac and mint shoes a few months ago and I am simply doing this for yellow.

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Angelic Pretty Order....

EDIT: Thank you for the input! I have sent a message to JP stores with a request to rectify the situation at hand. I am also expecting one more package from AP...hope that one has the right contents :\

Hi guys.

I purchased a Cherry Berry Bunny JSK a while ago but when I received the package some days ago, the items in it weren't what I ordered!! The package contained a cutsew, socks, head accessory. According to the note that came with it, it's for a person with initials P.H.

If these things are yours, please PM me with your full name and identify the specific contents.

Now, I believe a girl that posted before me has my JSK and have contacted her. Hopefully I will get a reply from her since AP isn't responding to my messages -_-

Ugh, I just want my JSK...:(

Thank you for reading.
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NYC Gothic Theme Meet - ALL FULL, AS OF 6/24!

Inspired by the lovely Helsinki post awhile back, I asked around if there would be an interest in a Gothic theme meet and the answer was "yes"!

So don your darkest attire and join the New York City Lolitas for an afternoon spent in the truly gorgeous Cloisters, a medieval art museum with over 5,000 works and constructed from actual ruins brought brick by brick from Europe. We'll finish with an informal photo session in the park outside.

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