May 13th, 2009

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I think this is a rather long shot, but does anyone from egl blog at ameblo?
I set up an account for my friends and me to specifically write about our Lolita exploits.
We'd like to make more Lolita friends over there as well. :) If anybody's interested, we're here.

Also, on a completely unrelated note: can anybody give me a link to Sae's blog? I could swear I saved it, but can't find it anymore...
Thank you! :)

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TUK Boots

On someone's new to EGL post just a few posts down I opened it and went to myself 'ooh I spotted those for little_ribbon ' as she could only find terribly expensive ones in stores.

so I showed her a cheaper place, from Schuh (UK store don't know where else they sell) but it's much cheaper online and their shipping isn't half bad for those overseas, little_ribbon  received them fairly quick (from UK to Belgium)

Link Here

*edit* US Link Here

Can delete if inapropriate but just in case you do want to buy..

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Macoto Takahashi?

o_o; I know this may not seem especially egl related to some, but in case you don't know, Macoto Takahashi is an artist who pretty well defined the boom of shojo style, and has been used more than a few times for cover and feature art by the Gothic Lolita Bible.

I just tried to find his page, formerly ? Because his annual gallery show in Ginza should be happening soon and I wanted to ask a friend if she could make it down there to buy me some postcards and such T_T But the page has been showing "Page Load Error" for over a week now. Does anyone know, was his page changed? Did he DIE?? O_O;;; Did something happen?? And alternatively, does anyone have any info about any of his gallery shows? All I can find are old clippings about showings in other cities from last year, or last year's show. He has a show every year at the Himawari in Ginza, which is actually a lil hole in the wall place, but I'd really like to get more art and postcards ._. And I hope he's not dead o_o; Although last time I saw him he was what, past 80? That's why I even include it as a possibility T_T Argh, can't even find any contact info except a phone number and I'm so not calling his studio internationally T_T;;;

All help appreciated, sorry if this is a bother!
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Two tiny questions from a girl who rushes into summer a bit too much

Hello everybody!
I'd like to ask you a couple things. First, I'd like to know if any of you know any brand or seamstress who makes Mary Magdalene/Innocent World replicas. For next summer (December 2009~March 2010 for me!) I'd like to wear country lolita very often, but more inclined to the classical style rather than sweet, and since I don't make enough money for an original MM / IW dress, I'd like to order or commission a replica from a cheaper seller. I'd appreciate any help ♥

Secondly and lastly, I'd like to ask you for a photo request-- post your favourite sailor coordinations here! I am in search of inspiration and I don't have a very defined idea of what I would possibly be able to coordinate or what type of dresses I'd like to acquire for next summer (why yes, I rush into things 8D). Again, any picture or help is well appreciated, but just for you to know, I prefer sweet/classical/slightly dark coordinations, and my overall favourite sailor outfits are the ones in pastel or pink colours. ♥

Thank you!

(Oh, and by the way, the reasons why I'm so rushed into getting my summer things are because I need to start saving up the money for them, and because you girls in the northern hemisphere are making me feel just a tiny bit jealous that you can wear country lolita in June, and I'm already planning my coordinations for next Summer. XD)

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Silly fun thing

Okay so I thought a silly little game for us all to play.
I'm sure a lot of you are sick of the generic 'what does lolita mean to you?' question, so I'm asking it again...

But answer in the most poetic, metaphorical, artsy-fartsy, over-the-top stupid way. So here's mine to get the ball rollin';

To me, lolita is a second reflection of my self, a way to achieve my other being trapped behind ink and paper, the me that is impossible to truly become, though I can try. Lolita is a fragrance I chase though can never reach, though sometimes I can grasp it in my arms for a brief moment and kiss its forehead and tell her she'll never leave my side. But lolita is fast, and runs away, so I chase her. Sometimes I get tired and chase a less sweet of a fragrance, but lolita always draws me back, though now lolita wears shorts and waistcoats.

xeniph pic

Explaining Lolita?

Hi, lovely girls! Sorry if this has been asked before lots, but I've searched and looked in memories and haven't seen it so I figured I'd try.

The Question:
How do you usually explain what you're wearing to people? For example, if someone comes up and says, "Do you have a dance? What play are you in? Bo Peep/Alice, right? etc" What do you say?

Personally, I usually say something like, " is pretty normal for me..." which is usually awkward and I end up feeling like I should have said something more or different. I made up some cards explaining the fashion for people to try and make it easier, but it's still awkward handing it to them, sort of like: "" *digs in purse for cards and finds one* "'ll tell you a little about it..." At which point I never know whether to walk away or stay there while they read the card. I mean, I made the card so I wouldn't have to stay and explain, and I put the loli handbook site on there so that can answer their questions...I dunno. I just keep thinking there has to be a way to make it less awkward...Is there?

For all I know, it just always will be an awkward situation. ^_^ Yay!


My (miniscule) contribution to the Lolita community...

I don't know how many of you rememeber, but about a year ago, (maybe more?) some EGL girls were featured in a news segment in Austria. (I believe the channel was Metro and/or Puls TV...?) I lost the link to it a long time go, but after browing around on Youtube, I came across the clip again. Amen! I personally think it's one of the better segments on Lolita.

It annoyed me that it was in German though >_< Even with that translation in the info box, I hated having to scroll down to read it and miss parts of the video.

So I used the translatuion and my limited knowlage of the German language to make a subtitled version! ^_^ I hope this makes it easier for everyone to enjoy this clip.

Collapse ) 
(Here's hoping
[info]duplica_chan  isn't mad at me for KeepVid-ing her video! O_O)
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Query about Selling via Celga in Japan

Hello all
I have a query about Celga- it is probably not completely lolita, and I am sorry! However, I think I may be able to get some good advice here, as many lolitas use Celga and may be familiar with the selling service. Celga offers a selling service for people outside Japan to sell stuff in Japan. Has anyone used it before? I have a BTSSB sk which hasn't sold on EGL sales and I am thinking of exploring the YJ option.  I also have a Tsumori Chisato skirt which is quite vintage but in ex con and am looking to sell it. I tried ebay and I don't think the bargain hunters on ebay are willing to pay a fair price for it. Please share if anyone has any experience with using Celga's selling service? What do you think of them and do you get your proceeds in good time after the sale? Thank you for any advice!!
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(no subject)

alright, i searched around google, i looked through the community history, & i haven't found what i'm looking for. only discussion & the occasional photo that's link is broken.

what i'm looking for is boys who dress in gothic lolita. i don't mean boy's that are cross dressing in the dress, but the ones that are running around in the little boy shorts & all. i'd appciate any pictures you could hand over. :3

i have a friend that is interested in dressing up, but wants some pictures to get the base idea of everything to couple me explaining everything.

thanks so much gals!