May 12th, 2009

Fanime Fashion Show Reminder

ama_ningyo, venus_ivy and I will be hosting a panel at Fanime Con here in San Jose, going over lolita fashion that ends with a small fashion show showcasing each substyle.

Day- Saturday May 23
Time- 11am-1pm

We're still looking for more models. We're hoping to have 1-4 models for each style. Right now we have at least one model for each substyle but still have room for more in each.

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A-Kon 20

Hi everyone! Does anyone know what lolita events will be going on at A-Kon this year? I know that the meet-up at the aquarium was posted earlier today, but is there going to be anything else? I tried the search function and only got results for the past A-Kons. Thank you in advance.
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kamijo 2

Wrong Angelic Pretty order received cherry berry jsk

So I have a big problem I ordered cherry berry bunny OP in bluexpink from Angelic Pretty english site and today I received my package and it was the wrong dress. I instead received a cherry berry bunny jsk in blackxpink.The person's intials are T C. If I can't find the dress I will have to post her full name. 
If anyone got my cherry berry dress in blue please let me know.
Where should I contact AP to let them know they sent me the wrong thing? What do I do?

I posted here in the hopes that the girl is a part of lj. Also I was going to post this to the sales comm but I think more people will see it here.
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Dear Diary

Lolita mentioned in WWD

Hey guys,

I'm a fashion merchandising senior and my faculty encourages us to keep up on the Women's Wear Daily trade publication.

Anyways, I was on today and happened to see the word "Japanese" highlighed for Fall trends this year and I took a look at the article and a lot of it had to do with Japanese Gothic & Lolita fashion.  Check it out!!

P.S. If you're wondering about the screen name,  I happen to be doing my official internship with a company that sells Lolita dresses & accessories at shows & conventions this summer and a friend of mine insisted that I blog the experience.

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