May 11th, 2009

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Non-sweet dream dress?

It is apparent that the sweet style is the overwhelming favourite. I love over the top sweet too, but I'm interested in seeing something different.

So! Please show me you dream pieces (or just something you think is really cool) in any and every style except sweet.

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Your turn!

Machan by manjumymanji

New community

I thought many people in EGL community might be interested, so I got laila_astri`s permission and decided to advertise here~ I just created circle_lens community!
Please join it and tell your friends, if you like circle lens or want to know more about them!

Go ahead and post your lens, photos, reviews. ^^
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photographer looking to cast designers/models -> SD/LA area plz

I'm not sure if this is allowed at all or not but please delete if it is :o

I'm looking to cast 2 female models who are interested in Gothic & Lolita/doll like inspired photoshoot as well as a designer who has outfits pre-done or is willing to try their hand at designing something for a shoot, this is a volunteer only type of photoshoot but the designer and models are garaunteed to have exposure and credit! 8D expand your portfolio and mine.

I'm a photographer/hair and makeup artist all in one. I would make the outfits myself but I simply dont have time to invest into making them and I figured i'd be great to have other aspiring designers get their stuff featured in the shoot! 8D

Collaborating designers are also welcome! I doubt one person can create a finished look all in one >D (ie: if you design accessories, or design the dress, etc etc etc) this is a good way to promote your works as well 8D and a good way for aspiring models to get some exposure as well!

Inspired by Nana Kitade:
The outfits I had in mind are these:

I want to try to do a twin set photoshoot, black&white opposing wardrobe colors 8D

I'm really looking to expand in more different photoshoots and since its the spring-summer, I'm definitely looking forward to doing this!

My model mayhem account is located at:
I keep most of my photos uploaded at
my deviantart gallery is also located at:

To not spam the LJ pages, you can contact me directly at velvetedenthreads[at]

Thank you so much! 


when you reply please include the following info:

your location:
are you trying to apply as a designer or model?:
models: sample pics pls
designers: samples of work please and what are you willing to contribute:

Designers, all your garments/pieces and accessories to be used at the shoot will be returned to you! We ask that if you can, please be present at the shoot 8D

Most comfortable lolita outfit

Sorry if this question has already been asked, but I was wondering which lolita items people in the community have found extremely comfortable and actually a pleasure to look at and sit in for hours.
From my collection, I have found my AP Toy Parade JSK and Pastel Ala Mode JSK the most cozy.
I also remember my Baby Kinari JSK was awfully comfortable before I sold it, as long as it wasn't too hot since the lining stuck to my skin D:
And for shoes I would say Tea Party Shoes are the most comfortable since they are flat, unless I'm going to be running around which I would be wearing sneakers instead, though not lolita obviously

So tell me, which of your lolita wardrobe is the prettiest AND most comfortable to wear for hours!?
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Made a myspace layout!

There really aren't any lolita myspace layouts (or maybe I haven't been looking hard enough), so I made one myself. I'm thinking I might make more some time, what do you think?
Anyways, here is the preview:

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Let me know if there's any problems with this, and I hope you guys like it!
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Shoe question

I've ordered a few custom made dresses from F+F and now I need to locate some shoes to match them. Sounds simple right? But a lot of Lolitas seem to lean towards platforms and chunky heels. Unfortunately I have some pretty serious ankle issues, and wearing platforms or heels would actually be dangerous. What sorts of options would I have? The dress I don't have shoes for -might- go with my straw-colored wedges, but even those are pushing my limits, which happen to be 2" or less of height between ball and heel and no more than an inch thickness for the heavier soles. Since I live in the city and do a lot of walking I need a durable sole. One idea was to get some ballet flats or comfy shoes for transport, and just wear something else if pictures are being taken, but that doesn't solve the issue if I go on a garden walk or a convention as I have to do a lot of walking, and want to take pictures in several locations while traveling.

I hope I'm not being too unclear... In any case the outfit I do not have shoes for is a nice brown color with white trim. the brown one on this page. the second dress I ordered is black and white and I have some black Mary-janes that are comfortable enough. And I would LOVE sandals. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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