May 10th, 2009


Question about BtSSB Sweet Check Print

Sorry to bother all of you guys with this question, but did BtSSB ever release another version of the sweet check print besides an OP and a skirt? (That's all I seem to find photos of) Like a jsk? Also, did they make another print similar the to sweet check print (and what's the real name for this print ^^; )

Any help will be appreciated! Thank you.


After tallying up *eight pages* of voting, we have our winners! Everyone who won had a clear margin in their favor, so no recounts. ;) Drumroll please!

Single garment winner iiiiiiiiiiiiiis: Circus Circus Jsk by insidegenius
Full outfit winner iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis: Black Sparkle Set by missmeganmaude

Congratulations! I will Photoshop little certificates and icons up for you as your bragging rights prizes :) Just let me know what name you'd like the certificate to bear (if not your LJ name) and if you'd like a certain "flavor" like sweet, gothic, punk, nautical, whatever.

Thanks to everyone who participated! While the contest had a few small kinks, they all worked themselves out and monthly challenges are definitely here to stay. The sew_loli community seems to really enjoy them. :)

QutieLand and Candy Violet

Hello everyone. I`ve been looking the the sites QutieLand and Candy Violet and I just have a couple of questions. Has any ever bought from QutieLand or Candy Violet? How was the quality of everything? Is it worth the money to buy something from any of these stores? I`m just wondering since I really want to buy a dress from both of them and I do`nt want to get something that isn`t well made or the quality is cheap. Thank you for your time
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Reviews on FanPlusFriend

Hello all. Well, I ordered a dress for a loli and anime convention on the 23rd of April. The convention is on The 21st of May. It's now 11 days from then. I gave the site my order and saw that they stated it takes two weeks to make, and 5 days or so for it to arrive, so I ordered without bothering to look at any real big shipping reviews. I have e-mailed them several times now with no answer. Is it a pretty good guess to assume that I will not be recieving the item by my convention? Can anyone provide me with any experiences or such regarding their costumer service and shipping long it took to recieve an item? 

Major letdown so far.

Edit: Guess what I just got guys! The dress! The size fit perfect too. Thank you all for your messages, you made me feel so much more at ease.
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First brand prints?

I was looking through some old GLB scans on Avant Gauche, looking at how different some of the styles are and how some items are still being made every season in nearly identical versions. Anyway, I noticed that a lot of the older dresses were made in solid fabrics or in generic looking florals, plaids, fruit prints, etc. The first "brand" print I came across for Baby, for example, was the old chess print in 2003. For Angelic Pretty perhaps their really ancient music note series (unless that was applique) at around the same time, though they had a lot of fruit and floral prints that may possibly have been custom printed (though they look generic to me). It made me wonder... were these THE first prints from the brands? When I first got into lolita, in 2003, there certainly wasn't a print craze like there is now- now prints are the Big Big Thing, and I guess in a way it shows that a brand has "made it" if they can have lots of costly custom-printed fabrics and sell enough dresses to make them worthwhile. Even if you watch Shimotsuma Monogatari, released in 2004, Momoko hardly wears any prints aside from generic floral, gingham, and plaid (in fact I don't actually remember her wearing any Baby prints, but she does have that chess print hanging in her room).

So.... does anyone know what and when the very first prints were for the various lolita brands? I'm really curious now!

Question about doubling-up pettis

From what I've been told, to get the best poof you have to double your petti up with another.
So I'm trying to find a good petti to double-up with my kirakirajenjen petti.

I'm interested in the Anna House petticoat, but I was wondering if anyone here uses the Anna House one to double up with another petti.
Is it a good one to use?

If not, what would you recommend over my kirakirajenjen petti?

Thank you for your help!

I did use the search and looked in the memories and none of them gave me anything about doubling pettis. If I missed anything, I apologize, and please link me to it.

Thanks again!

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Innocent World Shoes

So, turns out the second pair of shoes I bought for my coordinate were discontinued :\... so once again I am on a search for shoes *sigh*

I am thinking of buying THESE ONES from Innocent World... however I'm a bit confused.

According to google language tools, the page says that these shoes are going to be available February 2009, which makes no sense whatsoever, considering the shoes were put on to the site about 3 weeks ago.

I tried contacting IW about this 2 weeks ago, but they never responded.

Is this really what the page says, or is google translating it wrong?

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Gothic Lolita Icons

Hey everyone! I made some gothic lolita icons and thought I'd share them. Hope that's okay!


[001-010] Pagan (shamanic, native american, dreamcatchers)
[011-030] Stock/Fashion/Nature (vintage, dresses, summer, seashells)
[031-032] LJ Headers (stock)


Comment + Credit & Enjoy!

++++ )

request- nun lolita

Yes, I'm serious. I'm looking for pictures of nun/religious themed lolita. Can be anything, bible scans, brand stock pictures, etc. I've tried searching this but all I could come up with is fail cosplay or Trinity Blood. I know it's been done, I've heard it mentioned but I really haven't seen very many pictures of it.