May 9th, 2009

sby, famiko

Problem Solved Thank you~!

A long black petticoat/Pannier?? I saw there is a moitie one on closet-child, but I really want one for cheaper,
that doesnt look so cheap. ( All I have seen are rubbishy, costume petticoats)
I just need one for under my Aristo stuff.

Or. Can someone suggest a non-scratchy material so I can fashion one of my own? 

(' 3')/ thank you and sorry to annoy anyone with this question!

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AP magic1

Anna House GO Information

To those who participated in my Anna House GO

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Also I've decided the next GO allowing bespoke items will start Wednesday so please be ready for it :) Apparently someone else is hosting an Anna House GO this week but without a 5% GO fee. Because of this I won't be hosting mine.

Deco/lolita Paper Clay Jewelry Advice?

I really want to make some deco cake/cupcake/heart/bow necklaces out of the really light paper clay that they sell in Japan. I've seen people on the comm. selling these necklaces all the time and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a) the clay b) some cute molds or c) some reasonably priced charms made by others (perhaps wholesale). Thanks!
p.s. let me know if this does not fit into lolita enough, I will take it off. :)