May 7th, 2009

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Brown and Pink?

Can you girls ITT me any dresses or coordinates that use brown with pink? I know I've seen some, but they're lost in the tubes now.

(Searching, I only found one post that I think is brown/pink, but I can't see photobucket at work, so I can't tell yet.)

Game for those interested

I'm an avid gamer, so I came across this game that I thought you all might like! It's called "Bread 'n' Butter" by Outspark

It's a very cute game where you run a bakery! For an in-depth review visit my [new] blog (excuse the shameless promotion X3)

[Pssssst!] Here some freebies for you!

*The antique set (door, windows, etc.) you can use to decorate your shop is free! And it's rori XD (pages 10,11 in the interior section of the store)

*There are three extra games you can get for free as well! In the store, buy "Bananna Beats" (Meadows tab), "Spooky Strawberry Patch" (Ironically there is absolutely NOTHING spooky about it. Meadows tab) and "Jam" (Factory tab).

Kokusyoku sumire in France: photos and vidéos

A lot of events happened last week in paris.
Kyokosoku Sumire came, and did a lot of show:
Thanks for the photos at

heiwa_chanluana719 mon_amie_sadako hatsumi_no_baka </div>


- Le printemps de Bourges: it is a french festival, very famous of music which happened every years. Sumire were really appreciated (6 000 people came!!). They had succes!! They spent 3/4 times on french TV, were in news paper Lemonde (a famous franch one!). I don't have any pics from this event, because i did not come. If someone have pics, I want it!!!

- dedication of Sumire at harajuku shop: my old post HERE

- manga fashion at Enghiens les bains:
with tokyo decadence ans twos shows of Sumire!

- Tokyo tendance at glazart paris: A lot of concert (royal cabaret, gadget, selia, selien, and of course Sumire!)

- Birthday party of François Amoretti and Sachi (sumire): Just 20 person could have place, I am a lucky girl!!! xD 

Link HERE for videos, Somes vidéos are on the flikr of Luana719 :) 


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I am curious...

I was having a discussion with my friend, and I was wondering what you all thought about this :3

If money was no object, what types of lolita would you wear?

Personally I currently have a sweet lolita wardrobe because it is my favourite style, and it would probably be very expensive to wear a variety of styles unless you were very clever and bought things that could be worn with different lolita types. But I actually would like to wear pirate, gothic and classic lolita if I could. However I don't think I would ever wear punk as it's really hard to pull off well and I would probably fail xD

Basically, do you wear the style you do because you don't like the other styles, and what types of lolita would you want to wear (you like/think would suit you) and what would you not want to wear?

I hope this makes sense :P

(Also I am hoping to find that most lolitas like many types, to dispel the idea that there is this gothic VS sweet hate. I think others might be like me, and wear the one they prefer but don't hate the other types of lolita).

Loli Prom Night!

I went to senior prom with my best friend Steph! We decided to forget about dates and just go for fun, haha >:D Last year we bought some Jessica McClintock dresses, but THIS year we decided to do something a little less "traditional"...

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BTSSB Piece Identification?

I'm not really new to lolita, but I never paid much attention to the names of things. If I like the way they look, I buy them. This has caused me to save images of some dresses I planned on buying later, but this was forever ago and being the smart woman I am, I didn't identify these dresses. Can someone help me out with the names of them? Please and thanks in advance, and once I get the help I need I'll edit/delete the post ♥ Thanks pancakebear! You're a true guru :3
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