May 5th, 2009


repost of an x-post

ANOTHER NOTE: There seemed to be a mysterious mod deletion, but I've received permission to repost, so as you were, ladies, as you were.

Note: This is edited from the personal LJ version to be, well, less personal. The message is still there. Oh, and edited to be less profane. People on my f-list have seen the unedited version already, so I'm chill with the editing.

I posted this first tonight in my personal LJ after seeing yet another stupid debate over weight in lolita fashion, and after only a slight push of peer pressure, I decided to post this to egl, too. I know some people might not like this post, and some people might flip the hell out, but according to PEOPLE ON MY F-LIST this is something you all need to hear. Enjoy my tl;dr.


I've been seeing anti-fat, anti-skinny, anti-any-body-at-all posts on lolita communities for years, and beyond them on the internet at large. I see pro-fat and pro-skinny posts, too, and the pro- implies that the other side of the coin must be beaten down at all costs.

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Where to find a petticoat?

Hello all. I'm new here. I'm just starting to get into EGL, and I was wondering where to buy a petticoat. I don't want to spend a ton of money, but I need something fluffy enough that it won't collapse under a skirt. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

Lolitas in Alabama?

Hi everyone!!! This is my very first post here, and i was wondering if there are any lolitas in Alabama or Tennessee?  I live in Alabama, but it seems as if everyone hasn't heard of lolita,  i would love to meet up with any fellow lolitas, go to musems, parks, tea, ANYTHING!  I would also travel to surrounding states/areas.

I have searched the EGL databases, but cannot find anything located in alabama.

Thanks to all who read this!

Angelic Pretty: Pretty Girl Set


I just noticed the Pretty Girl set on the Japanese Angelic Pretty web site:

It looks like it is only ¥8,400 for a 4 piece set?!?! If I am reading it correctly I believe it comes with shirt, skirt, socks and headbow. I think it is a cute set and am interested in ordering it but can someone verify I am reading the page correctly? Why is the set priced so low?

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Spanish lolita webzine

Few spanish girls and me are working in a lolita webzine. It will be all in spanish (maybe it will be good for all who are studing our lenguage!)
For the first number we have almost everything, but we need your help,
we are looking for pictures (snapshoot style) for our western fashion review.
All of your who wants to help us please send us pictures (good quality) with your age, localication, fashion point...(later will be translate it into spanish) to our email:
(If you have a good photoshoot, review, drawing... that you think interested you can send it to us too, we can translate it too)
Thanks in advance!


so! i made some bags. you can never have too many bags. a casual tote, and a bunny cat bag!

**EDIT** i am working on the tutorials for both bags! i found some cute fabric in my boxes of things to make a new tote, and i took process pictures for most of the mr. mew purse so i will scan his pattern pieces and eventually have everything together in the next few weeks. thanks for the interest everyone <3 :D

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Baby: sold out during reservations?

I've been thinking of placing a reservation for one of Baby's JSKs. However, the JSK in question is now sold out under the shopping cart system.

Recently, there was a post in which several girls said they'd managed to place reservations through email (even though it says on the reserve page they don't take reservations by email!), so I'll be trying that.

However, does anyone know if Baby makes more of an item when it is actually released on the website? Or am I just out of luck? :/
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The Dutch are having a picknick!

All the info is in Dutch because..well this meeting is in the Netherlands ;)
If you would like to attend but don't speak Dutch then please contact me and I translate all the info for you, people who might be in Amsterdam by that time feel free to join us!

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shizuo - durarara!!

what type of fabric is acceptable?

I've done some research but I'm still kind of curious as to what different fabrics are concidered "lolita" I enjoy sewing and often sew my own clothes, that is why I am asking.

Like, I know shinny fabric isn't ok but of what I read, they say cheap fabric isn't good, but what is concidered cheap fabric? is walmart fabric ok? because I can't always afford 10$ a yard fabric from the fabric store so I often go to wallmart, they have some nice fabrics that do not seem cheap as far as quality and I even think I've seen the same fabrics in the fabric stores for like 10 dollars (when at wallmart its around 3 dollars or so)

but I'm still kind of new when it comes to fabric and the quality. I'm taking a textile class now and that is helping, so any advice or tips?

thanks :)
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