May 4th, 2009

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Mistake with BtSSB's reservations?

tl;dr - Have you ever reserved anything from BtSSB and not received it?

About 3 weeks ago (when I saw the new stained glass print) I emailed them to preorder it (since it was not available through the website). While I was at it I also ordered a pair of Gelato sandals. I knew these would be sent out seperately. On the 20th they asked for my phone number to send out the order, which I promptly gave them. I got an email on the 28th to say they'd posted my order. The jsk came onto the website around this time, so I figured that they'd finally sent it out. Today I received the parcel, but it was the sandals instead of the jsk! Now I know that some people received the jsk around two weeks ago so I'm getting a little worried that they overlooked my reservation or forgot about it. I've sent them an email, but basically I was wondering if anyone had been in a similar situation, and how it was resoved?

Repost: Brooklyn Sakura Matsuri

Sorry about the big image in my first post of this... Kind of annoyed that it was deleted before I got the comment to fix it, but my bad... Anywho, here is another post without pictures.

Hello! I'm kind of a lurker on here...but I thought that since I took lots of pictures of lots of lolis at yesterday's Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn Botanic Garden, I'd share them with everyone. :)

archfaith hosted a lovely picnic, and I met some wonderfully dressed ladies there. :)

And here's the whole album, which contains some off-topic pictures, such as dolls and flowers:

Celga problem?

I ordered a skirt from Angelic Pretty through Celga, they got my money but it's been nearly 3 weeks yet the skirt hasn't arrive at the warehouse...i am getting pretty worried about my skirt.
So has anyone have problems with Celga recently? How long does it usually take an item to arrive at the warehouse? 
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Angelic Pretty - deferring payment?

I placed an order for a sweet jam OP last night on AP's overseas shopping site and because of an expected turn of events*, I won't be able to pay for it until three weeks have passed from today. Does anybody know if AP can hold the item for me for additional days if I request it?

I know BABY can accommodate special circumstances and I hope AP can too U_U

Thank you.

*Unexpected turn of events: I currently pay membership for some service. The company debits money out of my bank account every month. I cancelled the service a long time ago but it continues to debit my bank account. Recently (over a month ago), I figured out how to place a stop debit but they somehow still debited my account between last night and this morning :@ Now I don't have enough money for sweet jam :@ Grrrr...

Opinions please?

Hi, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster and I was just wondering what you all thought of this outfit. I'm trying to find out if it's possable to put together outfits with a very small budget and need opinions.  

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Starry Candy Box Question

This might fall under the category of "stupid questions", but is there a way to tell which items they have in stock vs. which items they have to order from AP? I used the search function, but I couldn't find a definitive answer.

If not, which do you all think would be faster: AP direct or Starry Candy Box? I need some things by the 22nd and heard something about AP being backlogged right now, so I don't want to order anything from them if it won't be here in time.

Thank You!
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Tokyo Rebel?

Just a question to everyone out there about a new? webshop:

When did Tokyo Rebel show up, and has anyone bought from them? Their Flickr page doesn't look half bad, and it's really centred on the visual kei/punk lolita market (which I like even more.) But is it better than buying direct (or, as direct as you can get + shopping service) or buying from them, in terms of price and cost?

... because I actually haven't bought anything from h.NAOTO, Algonquins or SEX POT REVENGE myself. x_x


ETA: Just read their blog. It seems they've just opened! And everything looks rather spiffy. :)

POTO-Earl Carpenter & Katie Knight-Adams

Help with Japanese order?

Hello, I'm sorry if this isn't allowed and sounds really newbish but I needed a quick-ish answer and didn't know where else to ask.

I'm currently trying to order a JSK from I've sent payment, and I just wanted to send an email saying that I've sent it, and asking if its possible if she can mark the price as lower to avoid customs. I've managed my order so far by using Googles tranlator service, but when I try and translate my message from English to Japanese, when I translate the translated Japanese back to English it makes no sense.

If just send the email in English will it be understood, or if not could someone please help me with what to say in Japanese?

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me, and I'm sorry if I sound stupid ^^;;

Bodyline Music

Does anyone know what the Tecno upbeat version of Disney Music Bodyline plays in their stores is???

I asked the lady at the Bodyline in Osaka Amemura and she wasn't sure... She thinks it's off some download site or something...but is there like a CD of it somewhere or something? I really want it...I've had it stuck in my head after going to the Harajuku Bodyline two days ago...
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