May 3rd, 2009

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Searching for.....

 Do you guys remember about a year ago when someone had made these little "calling cards" to give out to people when they asked about lolita fashion? well it seems I found a perfect oppurtunity to use them :) Does anyone have the link for them?

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Help! I need shoes!

I'm sorry for posting about this again but I need help :(

You can see my coordinate HERE.

I have almost all the pieces for my crucifixion dress outfit... I have a purse, socks, a pin, a blouse, hairpieces, the dress itself, of course... I even have a photographer and a location prepared for photos.

The only thing I am missing now is a pair shoes :( I got some red velvet shoes on Ebay, but not only are they too small for me, they're not the right color.

So I turn to you, egl, for shoe suggestions! Any ideas?

Should I go with brown or white shoes (since I think it'd be way too hard to get shoes that match the dress's color very well)? What style of shoes do you think would look best?

I thought maybe THESE SHOES could work (without the rhinestone bows)? Or maybe THESE ONES (with the other socks I bought)? How about THSES?

EDIT: I just saw THESE SHOES ON INNOCENT WORLD... I wonder if they'd go? :O

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again! ^^;;

Black+White Lolita?

I really need help with this. I read something in passing that black+white lolita is out of style and that brands only stock it for people who don't know this. I've had my lolita clothing for some time and its mostly in black+white. Is this true? Because that would suck because I've already spent quite a few hundred on all my clothing and I still buy black+white. I've been wearing it for a few years and no one has said anything to me yet about it.

ATTN: Portland, OR Lolitas

I will be in the Portland area on the 15th thru the 21st and would love to have a mini meet with some locals. I am very much a n00b to the scene and the area and haven't had much time to socialize with the outside world because of school and other responsibilities. I will be traveling with a number of friends, but will greatly welcome extra company and the expertise of those who know the city. If you wouldn't mind taking me under your wing, please let me know. Thank you in advance. xoxox ^___^
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Kuro Meets Steampunk!

Yesterday, my husband and I went to Anachrocon, which is a sort of catch-all convention for steampunk and other historically based enthusiasms. I made a new outfit for the event... or the outfit wasn't so much for the event as the event was an excuse to make a new outfit! XD I also wanted to make an entry for the Needs No Lace Challenge in sew_loli

The only other lolita I saw there was Nicole from The Outlanders, but people seemed to like my outfit anyway. It wasn't supposed to be specifically steampunk since I don't think I would wear it as much if it was. The outfit was more just supposed to blend in and fit the character I created for myself. ^^

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Miranda/Custom House Shoes?

So I was looking on Mashimaro_girl's LJ and noticed that two of the shoe shops do custom orders where you can send in a picture of the shoe you want and they will make them for you.

Has anyone ordered a pair of their custom shoes?

I did look through the memories and did the search function, but found nothing about it. If I missed something, please send me a link.

Thank you!
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