May 2nd, 2009

  • mintey

Whats your dream shop?

When I was talking to Fei last night, (shes the owner of Mashimaro Girl) we where talking about decorating the new store. 
She asked me what my dream shop looked like, and I told her. Then I told her though, the shop is more for others than ourselves. So please let us know. What does your dream shop look like? What would make you happy when you came upon a lolita store in the states. What are your expectations, high or low?

Have a nice day!

Voltaire - Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend) - Official Video

Whether you love him or hate him I thought some of you might be interested in seeing this. Searched the memories and saw mention of people going to the casting and pics from it but didn't see anyone post the actual video. Anyway... Enjoy! :)

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Edit: D'oh! As it turns out it would seem that my search is broken and this was already posted a whiiiiile back. Will leave for anyone who hasn't seen it unless a mod requests otherwise. Sorry about that for those who've seen it already! ^^;

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  • jisun

UChicago Tea

Hello! Our tea is going on right now and there's still plenty of pastries~ Those who haven't come yet should call 516.655.9071 upon arrival at the campus to find our tea. Lolitas are awaiting more Lolitas!~ (That's Lokshi, a crew member, stealing an apricot~).

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First Post--Aristocrat

Hello lovely lolitas. I just wanted to share my outfit with the group and gather some feedback. I haven't seen very much in the aristocrat style, so those of you who wear it regularly, I'd especially be interested in getting your input. I'm just starting out so if you must give criticism, make it constructive. Thanks!

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I can't figure out how to get the cut to work properly so just use the link above.

  • tsu_

Seller: Robinjoobin


I was wondering if anyone recieved their items from robinjoobin yet?

She made her sales post in the beginning of April, and I bought a skirt from her. Another buyer complained about not recieving her items, and Robinjoobin apologized and said that she sent them on the 17th. She sent me a PM as well as a tracking number: CC 149 392 645 CA But according to EMS Canada, the item is still lodged in the post office and hasn't been sent yet. I sent her a PM again regarding the unsent parcel problem, but she hasn't replied at all. I'm getting worried as it's almost been an entire month since I paid for the item, and I can't file a paypal claim once the deadline is over. Does anyone know how to contact her or should I start filing a claim now? Thank you!
  • aonele

modifying patent leather?

I've been looking at a patent leather heart-shaped bag for a while now, and I would love to buy one. However, the bag is completely, and quite startlingly, white, and I'm afraid that it's a bit boring :\ So I was thinking of modifying it to give it some designs. I would love to put a giant crown design in the middle, or maybe music notes on it.
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AP question ~ Still Wondering

Okay I've noticed how most of Angelic Pretty's dresses are about the same size. (usually the bust is around 90 cm) But on the Maruione site it says the bust is around 78 ish cm. So i'm just wondering why the difference? Thank you^_^

* I know that they can all fit more then 78 cm (like most can go up to around 87 cm) but I've never seen it before where they start at 78...and I was just wondering if they all do this, and not just the ones on the Maruione site.