May 1st, 2009

New Art Community

A number of people expressed interest in a new art community, so one has been created:

The community's focus is on helping members develop their artistic skills, and we strongly encourage members to post finished works as well as the sketches, experiments, and not-quite-finished works that they might not feel comfortable posting to the main egl community.

In addition, we offer monthly contests and activities, to encourage all of our members to experiment and stretch their artistic boundaries. Currently, we're hosting an art-supply-themed contest, and offering a Bodyline JSK as a prize.

Membership is currently open, and anyone, whether veteran painter or new artist, is welcome to join :3

(Posted with permission from the egl moderators)

Translation Poll

So to follow up with my last post, I bring you all a poll. :)
From the few comments that actually answered my inquiry, Amo got the most mentions and Misako was mentioned as well.
I had mentioned Maki and Asuka's blog as a possible choice but it looks like another group is already taking care of their blog. :D
With that said, please fill out the poll! :)
I ask that you only choose one for now due to time restraints but I may add another one in the future.

Fill out the poll!
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Anyone Interested in an NYC Gothic/Kuro/Aristocrat Meet-Up?

So after seeing the photos of the gorgeous Helsinki meetup, I wondered if anyone in the tri-state area would like to do a similar meet-up in New York City, with the theme being Gothic/Kuro/Aristocrat outfits only? I know most of the locals are Sweet fans, but thought I'd ask out of curiosity.

(Posted here because we usually get girls from all over the area for meet-ups. :) )
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F+F on

I don't know if this is new news for everyone but apparently cosmates sells Fanplusfriend (F+F) clothing.

From what I can see cosmates sells it cheaper than F+F does.

F+F items on cosmates website.

(In case any of you are wondering how I came to know this I subscribed to cosmates' newsletter before I really knew what lolita was years ago XD. Although I still sort of cringe at cosmates as a whole I'm somewhat tempted to buy the F+F stuff XD)
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vintage-style jewelry recommendation

Hey, everyone. I was just at a trade fair/craft show and one of the jewelry stalls was pretty much my ideal of a jewelry stall. Kind of expensive, but for classic or aristocratic types, this stuff is gorgeous. They went by the name of Patricia Originals and have a website called Circa 1890. I bought the Extra Small Black and Ivory Cameos and I love them to little pieces.

Just putting this out there. It's really beautiful stuff. The website seems like it's not quite finished yet - for instance, I can't get the shipping page to load, though that may just be my computer acting up - but there's a contact page, so if you have an inquiry, you can call them and ask. Going by the area code I think they're based out of Toronto.

Hope this is useful to some of you. ^_^

Question for the Summer

Now that summer's approaching the Frozen North (Canada), the temperature is on the rise (rather obvious). What do people who follow the aristocrat side wear in these hot months? Especially for someone who wears aristocrat along the lines of Atelier BOZ.

Thank you in advance for your replies.
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UChicago Tea Update~

1. Thanks for your RSVP's~
2. Please dress in your favorite lolita outfits and bring your state ID/driver's license for identification.
3. There seems to be a fair bit of confusion. ^_^  It is the University of Chicago (or the UofC). Please do not go to UIC, UIUC, or Loyola UofC tomorrow.
4. If you are not at the 55-56-57th metra platform by 1:50PM, please call  (516)655-9071 and someone will guide you to our ultimate location.

WHEN: Saturday May 2, 2009 2-5PM
WHERE: The University of Chicago
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