April 30th, 2009


Skirt ID?

Edit: I was a fool, bodyline it is! Thanks everyone for your help! I've contacted Mai to see if there's a way to solve it!

Edit 2: Apperantly seller had written Mary Magdalene Taste! Taste got lost in the translation .___.''
But we cancelled it so I don't need to pay for the skirt! (I just get -1 feedback)

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Ethnographic Lolita Research

Attention Portland Oregon Area Lolitas!

I am doing a research study on the subculture of Lolita, I found a few people and sent them messages individually, then I decided there were just too many people to pick through and figured it would be better to try and find volunteers. I live in Portland and attend Portland State University as a Sociology major German minor.

My study is focusing on the histories of those who ascribe to the Lolita subculture as well as the interactions that happen within the groups. I want to get together with people where I will have a tape recorder and ask a few pre-written questions otherwise the interviews are ment to turn on their own course. I can assure that all recordings will be destroyed after they are transcribed, and I can conceal identities if people would like me to. I want your Lolita story, not to put you in a place where you feel uncomfortable.

Other wise I am a 23 year old somewhere between sweet and gothic lolita who likes to eat cupcakes sew bake and watch movies. I am not a scary old man! I am just a research student!


PS I am also posting this on orlolipops board, sorry if you had to see it twice!

I am considering to wear Lolita for the first time at school?

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I have been given two different answers for this from close friends. One person says I should wear it and express myself despite what people say.

However the other say that I should not because many people already do not like me at school - I do not even know why, I am not famaliar with even more then about 6 people. He says that they would give me a hard time.

I go to a Catholic High School of about 500 students, I am a freshman. I planned to wear a simple gothic Lolita outfit.

Have you been in my situation?

Do you have any advice you would like to give?

I would really appreciate it.

My problem was resolved today. I wore my Lolita outfit to school (it was a dress down day) and a majority of people thought I looked so cute. Thank you all, espically the first 16 posters, you really helped me feel not afriad and all of you gave me unqiue courage thanks again!
Cute Cake

Am I really alone out here?

I've been meaning to post something here for the longest time now.

It's a pretty simple question. Are there any lolitas in Idaho? (or Eastern Oregon) I feel so alone here because I can't find anyone. ;~; Since there isn't a community, I can't get in contact with anyone easily.  I would love it if I could find someone to meet up with from time to time. *crosses fingers*

I'm an hour away from Boise and right across the river from Oregon.

Thank you! ^_^


i would like some sizing help (why else would i post ? ( ̄Д ̄) )

i'm interested in getting a jsk from baby , this one . iofficially , the bust goes up to 98cm . i just wanted to know how strict baby's sizing is . do you think this jsk will go up to 100cm - 101cm ?

and another question .
just as opinions go , does anyone have ap's dream cherry ? what do you think of it ? how does it look when it's worn ? does it look really short ? i thought about getting the dream cherry over the baby jsk (even though , style wise they differ quite a lot) because it fits up to a 100cm bust which sounds a little safer (that said , i did buy a 98cm bust ap miracle candy which fits me okay)
if anyone else has opinions , hit me up ( ^ U ^ ) 

thanks ~