April 29th, 2009



Hi girls,
Sorry,I've never posted anything here,just been peeking from the background, although now I need your help :(

I've ordered this shoe from Anna House www.annahousefashion.com/019-1095.jpg and it arrived last thursday.
I wore it like 3 times since then, and it's like I've been using it for more than a year :(
The sole part is pretty damaged, the upper leatherish part is scratched, and when i wore it for the third time, the bow just fell off.... And it turned out that it was just glued on in a pretty inappropriate way... :(

My question is that have anybody had the same problem, or it is just me who got to be pretty unlucky?
Any help would be really appreciated!

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Crack Fairy

Let us all waste time together. :D

Let's all take a break from studying for exams. I just finished watching the Bones episode with the lolita in it and it got me thinking about lolita in other shows. So...

1. What show would you like to see a/ lolita in and in what capacity?
Being silly and descriptive is encouraged. :] 


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2. If you could create a lolita show what type of show would it be?


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Petite Yume Mission Statement/ Call for Submissions and Advice

Hey everyone, this is valkyrie_chan  .  I've been helping out mintey  with the lolita webzine we've been trying start up, petite_yume  .  We've finally written a mission statement of sorts, and have a more formal call for the type of submissions we'd like to see.  Sorry for the bad cut earlier...I don't usually use rich text format and it's screwing me up hardcore...I think it's all right now.
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