April 28th, 2009

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I want to get into doing embroidery of my own designs; I don't have an embroidery machine, though my ancient sewing machine (it's a Singer from the 60's) can do embroidery apparently, but the instruction book it came with doesn't go into detail--I'd like to learn how to do it either with my old machine, or by hand.
What can you recommend?
Are there any particularly awesome tutorials/guides out there?
How about personal tips from your experience?

Edit: Thank you to those who have replied so far! I'll definitely have to check out a nearby bookstore and see what I can find.
Still welcoming any personal tips (like things that you wished people would've told you when you started, little tricks that have really come in handy, etc). ^^
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Questions for Buyers

I'm starting to sell accessories at conventions (So far just ACen and Youmacon) and have broken into skirts this year. Although I haven't made many (and my sewing machine broke on me halfway through T.T) I did make some. Here's my question though:

Do you prefer A-line, Bell, or circle skirts, or jumpers? I'm going to specialize in "plus size" lolita, offering stuff in larger sizes for gals like me who would have to go through a lot to get down to Japanese Lolita sizes.

I plan on breaking into dresses soon, but that won't be until I've made a dress for myself and seen how well I can do it. The same rule applies though. Some Lolitas (I'm noticing mostly the "Elegant" set) seem to like A-lines while others ("sweet") seem to go for circle or really full skirts. But I want to know if my observations are correct or if I'm just filling in the blanks.

If any of you are at conventions and you see me, say hello. Tell me you're from egl on livejournal and I'll gladly give you a discount if you like any of my stuff. :)

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Hello there, I'm new to your community and was wondering if I may request a little advice.
I am intrested in holding an egl tea party and I was wondering what people expect? Being the hostes I am very determined to keep as many people happy as posable.

Thanks LK
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one way your petti will never die....

So I was skimming modcloth (yes yes, i know, it's been posted) and I found something they're calling the 'mochi skirt'.

At first glance it looks like the standard petticoat-as-outerskirt, been there done that, made fun of the scene kids.
However, it appears to have some sort of soft wires so you can shape each layer of the petti. This is so simple, but it kinda floored me: not as obvious as a hoop-skirt, not as crushable as a tulle petti, not as material-heavy as a crinoline.

I wonder how easily it deforms, and if any of the brands have ever done anything similar?

Art Post

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And a quick question: Can anyone think of any active lolita art communities? Both egl_art and loliart seem to be abandoned, and it seems like a pity that there's no lolita art community, especially when you consider (a) how many artists post to this community every day, and (b) how many people dislike, or at least ignore, the art posts that get put up here. And if no-one can think of an active lolita art community, how many people would be interested in joining if I were to create a new one?
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Probably a very stupid question...

I've checked the memories but can't find an answer to this anywhere. I'm very new to Lolita so I'm waving that as an excuse for my ignorance - but, when Metamorphose runs out of stock on a certain dress, does it come back into stock or is it just then gone and they bring out a new version of the dress later?

I ask because I'm completely in love with the Metamorphose pintuck tiered pinafore dresses but there's only one each left in stock of the two colours I like (black and red). Does that mean that I should jump in and buy one now  before they sell out or can I afford to hang about building my warddrobe, collecting accesories and other pieces to go with them, knowing that if they go out of stock they'll come back in in a few months?

Feel free to slap me down if I'm missing something really obvious...

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