April 27th, 2009


Black Alice's First Anniversay @ The Cathay

Black Alice celebrated its first anniversary since moving from Red Dot to The Cathay yesterday! nozomi83 had a tea party for us at the shop with games and prizes. We had the use of a recently vacated shop space for the games so it was a lot more spacious to move around and mingle than usual =D

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Thank you to nozomi83 and nothingling for having this anniversary party get-together, i_kaede and Grace for hosting, Jolene for assisting with the games, and yueqian and aserett for sacrificing sleep!

Looking for...Faith?


Hello girls! ^-^

In the 5th volume of the G&LB there's a photoshoot in Brisbane, Australia and this girl named Faith has an ADORABLE hat! The only propblem is, I don't know if the hat is brand, or if it's handmade.

If it's brand, could the girls, that know which hat I'm talking about, point me in the right direction and possibly give me some close-up's of it or a site where I can see some stock photos of said hat?

And if it's handmade, could someone point me in the direction of Faith? I'm thinking maybe she could take some pictures of it, or has pictures of it that I could work off of. The hat is so adorable, I'd like to make one myself.

Thank you, in advance, so much!

-Chelsea <3
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japan stores doing yjapan shopping service?????

so im about to pay for my AP shipping from them when i see the big blinking sign that says combine shipping for lower rates, see our other stores and shops. So wth here i go looking around clicking randomly, getting some strange dvd section and an over priced fake lolita/cosplay section. 7200 yen for a cheap apron worn by a naked girl no thank you.

Any way then i see this

im not 100% sure of how it works yet, i emailed them with some questions but i though it was pretty neat that you can get all your things to the same place and ship it to yourself once you've got a nice hord.

just click on your language and it will translate all of yjapan for you, it also has "bidders" on there but i have never used that site before.

Has anyone used jpsoter yjapan shopping before or know how it works? Thanks in advance for your help.

Smiley Charshy

A friendly heads-up

I went into Angelic Pretty to do some orders and saw the new Sweet Jam print.

As a quick warning for you all, the skirt is SHORT. Shorter than Cherry Berry Bunny. The JSKs and OPs seem fine length-wise, but taller lolis might want to think about it before they buy!

I'm short, about 5"2 and it would have come above my knees for certain.
Tigger &amp; Rabbit

NYC Sakura Matsuri meet 5/2/09!

Not that most of you need a reminder...
ALSO: please, everyone REMEMBER TO BRING BLANKETS OR PICNIC SPREADS. We don't want our beautiful outfits to get dirty!!!
If you can, we would also appreciate if we could get a little potluck picnic going! Check inside for food details...
And another important thing: unfortunately, it might rain on Saturday. Remember to bring an umbrella just in case. If it rains hard, then we're just going to have to make alternate plans once we all meet up at the gardens. Pray it doesn't!
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dedication of sumire, in paris 24th april 2009

I spent a great week end! I saw every day (friday, saturday and sunday) kyokusoku Sumire. I'm really fond of them, since I saw them for the first french show. They are so kind, sweet, nice!!! Yuka has got a great and gracefull voice, and the violin of Sachi make me cry ;_;.

I am ashamed of that haha I cry every time on a fews songs xD

So this the list of the different events:

- dedication of Sumire at harajuku paris (and mini show = 3 songs!) (friday);
- Enghiens les bains: fashion manga (with Tokyo Decadence): 2 shows paris (saturday);
- Tokyo tendance: tokyo decadence (Seilen / selia / Michi / Bambi / Adrien...), Royal cabaret, the gadget and
of course Sumire!!! ><, paris (sunday)
- and wednesday, tea party at Boddywood for the birthday of Sachi (Sumire :)) and François Amoretti (paris) I am in hurry for the tea party, only 20 tickets!!! xD I have one yeah!!!

For the moment, I just have pics from the dedication. I'll post photos of the other events later :)
So let's go for pics now!!

All pics and vidéo stolen from my friend Luana719

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What do you think?

Hi everyone,

I have been on EGL LJ for some time now (a year maybe) and posted replys here and there.
But now i would like your oppinion about my lolita outfit, if you'd like to give it, that is.


This is a picture of me made last sunday, on an dutch event called the Elf fantasy fair.

Its one of my home made dresses, nothing special much, but still.
Sins i'd like to start my own brand in the near future I would really like your oppinion on my dress.
Like, would you wear it? What could i do to make it better? And so on...

Thank you~

Sizing help!

If a few people would help me out I would really appreciate it. I'm trying to get an idea of skirt measurements from "average" sized lolitas for some skirts I'm making to sell/trade. Eventually I will do a few size ranges (s, m, l, xl) depending on who wants to buy one, but for the first time out I just want to stick with a m-l size.

I've noticed from most sales posts that the average sized waist for lolitas in the US is about 26-32. My skirts will be half elastic in the back, and have removable ties, so they will be able to fit a bit of a range of sizes. I'm trying to keep the median in the 26-32 range.

If any girls with a 26-32in waist would like to help, please grab the skirt that fits you best and lay it down flat. Measure the length (from waistband to bottom of ruffle/lace) and the width at the bottom of the skirt. Please specify if the skirt you are measuring is brand, commissioned, custom sized(F+F, ITS, etc.), or self-made.

Thanks x1000 for anyone that can help out!
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I think that this is an appropriate question for this community... if not, the mods can delete it.

What are your favourite white dresses? Preferably with pictures. I have an itch to draw a few gurololi pictures, and red stands out the most on white.