April 26th, 2009


Blog/website translations?

Searched the FAQ, memories, etc already so I'll go ahead and ask in a post.
Is there anywhere that's translating lolita related blogs or website updates and such? I ask because I'm thinking of mixing it up a little from the usual jrock blogs I translate and translate something like Maki and Asuka's blog, Misako's blog, Angelic Pretty's blogs, etc.
If there isn't anywhere that's translating them, then I'd like to know which ones you all would like to see translations for the most. :)

Miss Kika - Art by Liz Lorini

Hey, I just wanted to share with you an artist/site that I thought some might be interested in. She recently did a collection of rococo inspired art. She's also planning to do some phone charms and other things based on the collection. Warning: Some of her art does contain mild nudity.

Sweet Rococo

Let Them Eat Cake Collection

Thought this tote would go well with casual styles or just as something cute to hold groceries:
Let Them Eat Cake Tote
Miss Macaron Print
Sweet Rococo Giclee Print

Patterned vs. Plain - The Socks Edition

I've put together a loli outfit. It consists of a white blouse with a high collar with lace around the neck and on the cuffs, a black lace skirt with a black petti underneath, a handmade headdress (I recreated the one in the American GLB Bible 3) and some black high heel Mary Janes. Which begs the question: SOCKS.

I own two pairs of knee socks that could potentially go with this outfit. The first pair are thick and pure white. I've worn them with a few of my ensembles so far and they're OK, except for the fact that the weather will likely be very hot. The second pair are some socks I picked up at Delia's, which are white with musical staffs, notes, etc. on them. They're thinner, but since they're patterned I'm not sure if I should wear these with something so plain. (And they do sort of get distorted when I wear them...)

So here is my question: Should I do PATTERNED socks with a plain outfit, or just do plain socks?