April 24th, 2009


hair cut/color & photoshoot op. for hire

I'll be in Los Angeles from Friday Night May 1st-May 4th
anyone interested in getting a hair cut or color?

hair cuts starting at $5, $7 max for lenght!
Color depends!

Human Hair extension installation (different types)
starting at $30 (varies with diff. install tech)

contact me for more info >3


I'm normally based in San Diego 8DDDD

models! I'm also available to be hired as a photographer for a day! 8D
Photoshoot rates starting at $15
unlimited photos for 1 hr, + CD of images


I'm responsible for all of SHIN Projects different looks, makeup and photography >3

Secret Shop vs. AP Sizing Question

Answered, thank you!

I've been poking around in the memories and such, and I can't seem to find an answer to this question.

For those of you who've owned both the Angelic Pretty Tea Party shoes, and the Secret Shop replicas, how does the sizing compare? The AP version of the colour I'm looking for is no longer available, so I was considering ordering from Secret Shop-- but I'm not sure whether I should stick with the L size, or order the next size up. Are the Secret Shop shoes similar in width and length to their AP counterparts, or does the sizing differ? If so, how does it differ (in terms of width/length/general fit).

Thanks in advance!