April 23rd, 2009


Question for those who have sprayed their shoes...

Okay, I just posted last weekend about my RHS that I customized (link), using the tutorial here. The tutorial recommends using Design Master Colortool floral spray, which is what I used, and then some sort of sealer, which I used a spray glaze as recommended in the original tutorial. I let each coat dry for a day or two before putting on the next coat/glaze, and they were dry for a day or two before actually wearing them. I wore them for a few hours on Monday, and I put them on this morning... the paint is already cracking!

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Does anyone have any suggestions on an easy fix for the cracks (without taking a Sharpee to them)?

I can say for sure I will NEVER be spraying good shoes again. I should've gone with the Dylon leather dye method as suggested to me once before.

Arch support and tea party shoes.

I usually need to use an arch support (Talking about this things: http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e107/Aelsan/lynco-l205.jpg Sometimes my english sucks -_-)

I want to buy a pair of tea party shoes (like this ones: http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk195/Liliiium/SHOES/Azul3.jpg, but I don't know if the arch support will fit in them (I know in rocking Horse Shoes it fits quite well)

Anyone can help me? 
cherry bunny lolita

Bonnets and Half Bonnets style

I am heading off to High Tea today and im planning on wearing my half bonnet with the dilemma of not knowing how to style my hair, ive looked around and the only option i see is having your hair down. Is there an alternative or any ideas ??


Also Source pics on bonnets / half bonnets would be appriciated !!

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Non-Japanese Lolita & Japanese Culture

Different people get into Lolita for different reasons and through different venues. Sometimes it is relevent to their other interests, sometimes they are just drawn in by the puffy dresses. Something I've been wondering lately is how often does an interest in Lolita, a Japanese fashion, correlate with an interest in other things from Japan?

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me mad men

anna house shoes - true to size?

I just went over pretty much every post mentioning Anna House, but strangely there is not much discussion of this (that I found).

Is the general consensus that AH shoes are true to size? One person said she found them true, but I wanted to ask for any additional experience.

In particular, I'm looking at their flat shoes with the two straps. I generally wear a 24.5 cm shoe but sometimes 24. As it happens, they have one shoe I want in a 38 (24.5) and the other only has a 37 (24) in stock. I can probably wear either but I'd feel better about ordering if I had a little more info.

Thanks for any input! :D
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About print making...


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Hmm I got such a stupid question.... ..it is about making your own print ( to a skirt/shirt e.t.c ).

I thought can you make drawing which will be on print just on paper with colour pencils and felt pen not on photoshop.?

I am sorry about such a stupid question, but i didn't have anybody to ask and i seen many lolita's making own prints ...

Blooming Snow White Underbust JSK photo request

I really love this JSK if many of you remember me posting a Sugary Carnival vs Blooming Snow White. xD (Blooming Snow White won btw)
But yes~ I really want the white version of it but I'm starting to fall for the black version.

I've seen the white version worn but I haven't seen the black version worn.
So, if you have the black version please~ I would love to see you wearing it. ^^

Thanks so much!
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  • licib


I have looked all over and can't seem to find it.
What is secretshops website and a link to quties shopping service?
Please and Thank you Ladies

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Odd Picture/Advice Request... Halter JSK's with blouses?

So I'm considering altering one of my JSK's to be a halter so that it will fit me better/be more versatile.  Like many halter JSK's, it will have a big bow at the back of the neck.  I have seen pictures of these types of JSK's with blouses under them before, but only from the front, so I was wondering about the back... doesn't the big bow under the collar mess up how the collar lays?  

I would appreciate it if anyone who has worn this before would give me some input/advice/share some photos.  Thanks so much everyone!!

Let's rally to defend our brethren!

So a Lolita was posted to Glamour's Do's and Don'ts, and currently has the black bar (meaning it's been voted a bad outfit). Everyone give her 5 smileyfaces and make her a Do! I'd love to see the confusion of other commenters when we get her to an ultimate Do.

Click here to vote!!  Deleted! Lol, I guess Glamour can't fathom a large number of people liking Lolita. At least we got her up to 3 smileys!!

ETA: Just to be clear, this is all for fun and to get back at the self-proclaimed fashion experts on that site. No one cares what they think anyway ;)

(Sorry if this is too random/OT!)

PS: Random tip, people in Canada can watch the Bones episode featuring lolitas here.