April 22nd, 2009

Crazy Car Incidents! Yay!

Well, today I dressed up in lolita to go to school. I drive down to the local train station and take the train to school, then reverse the process for coming home. Well, there's a ton of road construction near the train station, and on my way home today I must've run over something and I got a flat tire! It was dark (almost 10 at night) and I had to pull into the parking lot of the local Yamaha dealer and I had forgotten my cell. So, I pop my trunk and start getting everything out to change my tire, and even get on the ground to start jacking my car up. Luckily, right about then a nice older guy stops buy and finishes changing my tire for me.

TL;DR version: Has anyone had car problems while they were in loli? Like, with anything happening to themselves or your dress? Please share your stories!

Edited for clarification.
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Making a lolita skirt bigger?

I purchased a skirt from bodyline that is a few inches too small to fit my waist, and I was wondering how difficult it would be, if at all possible, to let it out in the waist some. I know nothing about sewing, but I wanted to ask you ladies first before attempting to do surgery on it, or finding a local seamstress.
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AP goes Germany

I've got some great news for especially the German lolitas.

Both the Neo Tokyo store in Munich and Berlin will now sell Angelic Pretty fashion & accessoires. So far it's sure you're allowed to order stuff through them in Berlin, I don't know anything about the store in Munich.

In addition they'll also sell stuff by Marble and Chocomint.

Well ... thanks god!

EDIT: I'm willing to start a shopping service for NT x AP Berlin then. Also for NT x Marble and NT x Chocomint!
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Oh no, not another "Help me with my project!" post! - Thanks everyone!

I know egl is probably getting tired of these, so if this isn't allowed, mods, go ahead and delete.

For my Typography class final project, I have to make a 20 page magazine/booklet, and I thought I'd try my hand at a Lolita magazine. I want to do a Snap section, which is where I'll need the assistance of some of the lovely ladies of
egl . I'm just going to use the same format as the Gothic and Lolita Bible snaps, so I'll need pictures of you wearing Lolita and the following information:

-name (you can just use your LJ nick if you'd like)
-theme of outfit
-item details
-favorite musician/band
-current obsession

You can either post them in the comments or PM them to me on LJ.

I'll give credit for all pictures used (it's one of the assignment requirements), and post the finished result on egl after I'm done. Thanks for any help you can give me!

Thanks for all the help! I think I've got enough for a good sized snap section now!
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Participate in an EGL Documentary!

Dear EGL members,

We're filming, in conjunction with our Department of Visual Arts, a 10-minute documentary on the EGL representation in Chicago which will be shown at a University of Chicago film festival on June 5th. We would like to interview on film several Chicago-area Lolitas regarding the local EGL movement, also during meetings and events.

Please leave a comment on this post if you're interested. We plan to finish all shooting before the end of May to allow editing before the festival. We are especially excited at the prospect of filming a spring picnic or watching someone make a dress/a bunch of accessories.

Thank you for your time and cooperation!


Please forward this message to anyone you think would be a good fit for the project.
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stock photo request

I just bought some Angelic Pretty cardigans in the sales community and y!japan auctions, but I can't find the stock photos anywhere. DDX I've tried the Flickr lolita stock photo pool, the Wayback Machine, and even Google with no luck.

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lolita winter coat

Before you jump anything, know that I have searched EGL already :P I don't think my topic has been made before though, so relax XD

First of all, I'm wondering what I should look for when I look for a good lolita winter coat. As a Chicagoan, I know what makes a good coat, but I'm not too sure what makes a good lolita coat. I know it should have some room to flare on the bottom so you can fit a petticoat under. But is there anything else I should look for? I'm thinking of shopping locally like at Macy's or Carson Piere, so chances are the coats there won't have anything too fancy like lace or bunny hoods. So is the bare minimum of a lolita coat just enough room for petticoat?

I'm browsing around on Macy's official site for a coat right now. If you find something that can be considered a good lolita coat, please link it here so I can get a visual of it. Thanks in advance for all replies! :]

Ps: of course, the cheaper the coat, the better XD so long as it's still a lolita coat, I mean :P