April 21st, 2009

Hipster Lolitas?

So I'm doing my daily website check of my favorite sites and I come at the end of the night to Style.com and I click on the Cochella link and what do I see but a lolita! The picture is tiny and of course she's not in the slideshow but it's unmistakable! That skirt, those socks, the parasol! It must be a very hip hip lolita. If anyone knows who this is, tell her she's made it onto Style.com and tell her I'm jealous!
Check it out!
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i hate these too but...

...homework help? >.< I cannot believe I'm asking this but I seriously need help. I'm doing an essay over Misako Aoki whom we all know to be an Ambassador of Cute for Japan. The only problem I'm having is finding print sources. My teacher wants us to have two print sources (newspaper, books, magazines, etc.). These print sources CAN be accessed through the internet, as long as they were originally print sources.
So where you guys come in is, do you know of any interviews with Misako that are print sources that were posted online? I have some articles with all the girls, but they're directly from online, not print.
I also have 1-4 of the G&LB where they do feature Misako modeling, but I don't think they have any interviews, but if I missed anything, please tell me!

Thanks for all your help girls!

Oh! If anyone's interested, the topic of the essay is titled "Importance of One", and I thought I'd do Misako on spreading the lolita fashion to different countries to inspire girls that they don't need to dress the "norm". ^-^

Thanks again! <3
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Losing weight? ~ Solved!!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVEYONES HELP~


I don't know if this is very appropriate for EGL, but it is Lolita related I swear!

Does anyone have any tips for losing about 3 inches off of my waist? I really really REALLY want to be able to fit into some Classic lolita stuff and as well, Moi Meme Moitie. They all seem to hover around the size of 26" - 28" and atm, I am 30"

Do you have to be uber thin to wear Moitie? (people who wear MmM, please don't be offended! >.<)

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Flower Fields Photoshoot in Carlsbad, San Diego

My friend and I went to the Carlsbad Flower Fields (San Diego, California) and took some shots. Since the fields are only open for about 2 months out of the year, we wanted to take full advantage of it and do a mini (and somewhat last minute) photoshoot. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

P.S. Some images were photoshopped to take the port-o-potties out of the background ^_^

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Nitemare Photography, a female model and myself are looking to collaborate with a designer/seamstress on a pirate shoot.

We are looking for a talented lady/gent that would be interested in either discussing a new outfit with us, or lending us some ready made work. We can all provide references from either other clothing companies or other businesses to ensure the safety of your work. You will receive bright, fun images of your outfit(s) and if you live in the UK I'm sure there wouldn't be a problem with you coming along to the shoot. It doesn't have to end there either, Nitemare photography is ideally looking for someone she can collaborate with on future shoots, with a possibility of publication.

You do not have to be based in the UK, and if you would like to recommend someone that might be interested please do!

And so this isn't text only...

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We were only trying to drown her

AP Colouring Book

sorry it took so long to get this done! D: Between having to find a scanner on campus to use due to not having my own and then just an insanely busy week it took a little bit of time to finally finish scanning the AP colouring book, but it's finally finished!

oh, and the page numbering is a little off, but that's just because there were two blank pages at the beginning and end [the opposite sides of the covers] that were counted as pages in the page numbering at the bottom.

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Rockinghorse shoes???

This might sound stupid, but has anyone ever made their own rockinghorse shoes? I mean, if you already had flat shoes and some wood(any specific type of wood?) and cutting and polishing materials, could you somehow attach the wood(by glue or nails) to the shoe and keep it like that? I'm thinking of adding a small heel to my black flats. I've already searched this on google and other sites and got nothing.
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Angelic Pretty English website Shipping?

I tried to find some information regarding this in the memories, but does Angelic Pretty combine shipping for multiple orders made on the website? For instance, one day I ordered some of the new dresses released but then about two days later I see that they restocked socks that I wanted so I made an order. Has anyone successfully been able to contact jp-stores to combine shipping, or am I stuck paying separate shipping fees for each item? I really hate having to pay 1800y per pair of socks or more for a dress, but if its the only way they do things, this is fine. One more question is how long does it take for JP Stores to send your item after you've paid for shipping?

Edit : I followed advice from girls here and contacted Angelic Pretty and surprisingly I got a message from JP stores AND Angelic Pretty right away. They let me know they are going to combine shipping on my parcels.