April 19th, 2009

yellow lolita?/ girls from bl go.

So how do you ladies feel about lolita in yellow?

I mean I've heard people complain about how they don't do it enough and it looks so sweet. But then when they do it, it ususlly is the last to sell out. For example the AP site was updated yesterday morning and cherry berry bunny was gone before noon. The yellow vesions however were still up this morning (around 9) when I checked the site. (I really want a red bow to match so I check every morning). I've seen this happen with many prints and solids in yellow.
My 2 cents. I personally think yellow looks darling but its very difficult to pull of. I could never do it so I would never buy or make anything in that color. Also the yellows brand uses on prints sometimes makes them look a little too baby is coming. IMO.

Ps: I'm pretty sure this may have been asked at some point, however in the mems I only found a discussion on lavender.

PPS: girls that ordered from me. Ill be in front of sanrio in little Tokyo at 1230- 115 then ill walk around until maybe 3. Please be on time I don't want to wait there forever with a giant box of lolita goods. XD

Sakura-Con Lolita Fashion Show Photos, Round 2!

I got the photos from one of the actual photographers who came to the fashion show. (I grabbed him earlier at the lolita photoshoot meet-up and told him that if he came by early I'd get him a good seat. And he did and I did!) He even gave me access to a preview gallery so I could pick the most flattering shots of everyone.

I am not going to try and hot-link any of his photos, but please go to his gallery and check them out! If anyone wants outfit breakdowns, let me know and I will dig out my notes.

Lolita Fashion Show Gallery.

I want to color...

I've had a huge urge to do some coloring with photoshop lately, so I was wondering, do any of you lovely ladies (or gents~) have lineart I could use? It could be of Lolitas, Kodonas, Dandies, EGA, etc~

Of course, I won't distribute or post my colorings without the artists permission and credit!

I've also heard some stuff about an angelic pretty coloring book? Does anybody have scans?

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Looking for Abandoned-Places Photoshoots

So my BF is into Urban Exploration, and upon talking to him about it, I realized: HEY, LOLITA DO THAT! Only better!
Now, I have one of listerinepree  's photoshoots here: SHAZAM!
But that's it.

Now, I am notorious for putting shit in my memories (I have over 800 entries), but I can't find any more!
So, it would be fantastic if you guys could find me the loli pictures and photoshoots in abandoned buildings, mental hospitals, subways, houses, etc...
Not only for me, but it may be good  to dredge up these old posts for newer users who need a guro or creepy fix. 

Hit with custom fees D:

So I am incredibly unsure of where to post this BUT around Christmas/late December, during the whole Bodyline Free-shipping group order frenzy, I ran a group order. Unfortunately TODAY, 4 to 5 months later, I received a bill for custom fees from DHL. I'm not fond of DHL so I'm not sure about this..aren't they supposed to charge you when they deliver your packages or at least with in a few weeks rather than a few months later?

Also, if any of you guys were a part of my group order, which was here, please email me at nat_amnos@yahoo.com since I can't seem to find everyone's contacts any more T___T

I used the searched the EGL search engine with no luck of finding answers D:

Thank you everyone who responded to this post! I really appreciate all your responses and I feel a little relieved to know that I'm not the only one who got sent such a LATE invoice...