April 18th, 2009

Pink haired lolis

I am just curious in general how many lolis actually have REAL pink hair.
I'm trying to get a group together, so if you have pink hair please let me know here and you'll be recruited!

Edit: I just created a comm. for lolis with dyed pink hair (no wigs :P) http://community.livejournal.com/pink_hair_lolis/
But I don't want to be exclusive so feel free to join if you have other pretty colors in your hair, or just if you're interested in dyeing your hair pink! ^^
Sailor Moon - censored

Customized rocking horse shoes

I made a post a while back, asking if anyone had ever customized their RHSs, and getting a few "No I haven't, but I'd like to see pics!" in response.
I bought a pair of wooden RHSs from someone online (off-brand, used once or twice before I got them). I was all over them because they were an excellent price, and they were actually my size (having bigger feet SUCKS). My biggest problem with them was that they were white, and I hardly wear anything that I can wear white shoes with, but, given the price, I figured I'd buy them and change that! I followed the tutorial linked here for the base part of the shoes (mostly, anyway).

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Update! I wore these for a few hours a couple days after I posted this, and went to put them on a few days afterward and the paint is cracking already! See this post! Apparently I'm not the only one who has had this problem, and some people recommended respraying the shoes. I myself, because the soles are wood and already have dripped paint on them and I don't want more than what's already there, I probably won't respray them. Just a warning to anyone else who sprays their shoes, they'll probably crack after not much time, be prepared to respray!
Dragon Age

Photo Request: Sugary Carnival

I know that everybody absolutely loves these photo requests, but I'm desperately looking for a few good close-ups of the Sugary Carnival Print, preferably on black (though other colors work as well). I know that somebody posted pictures of the print from the coloring book (which I have saved) but I would like shots of the ponies as they are printed on a skirt... I appreciate any and all help!